Surf Lodge Survey

The Surf Lodge, a popular nightlife destination in Montauk, is about to undergo an inventory check, of sorts, from Tom Preiato, East Hampton Town’s chief building inspector, who will be looking for structures there that have never received site plan approval.

He is acting at the behest of the East Hampton Town Planning Board, which received a site plan application on June 25 for a new 500-gallon propane tank, replacing an older model, but in a different location on the property. “It is in place, but not being used,” Richard A. Hammer, Surf Lodge’s attorney, told the board.

The problem, said Eric Schantz of the East Hampton Planning Department, is that several structures on the property — “sheds, platforms, wood benches, an outdoor shower, a Dumpster, etc.” — seem never to have received site plan approval.
Reed Jones, chairman of the planning board, asked Mr. Preiato on July 10 to survey the property. “It appears that additional structures or additions which would require site plan approval and/or a natural resources special permit and/or variances may be present,” he wrote.

Mr. Preiato will now make that determination.


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