Town Puts Brakes on Illegal Club

D.J., dancing promised in basement party spot
The basement of this Muir Boulevard, East Hampton, house was transformed into a nightclub complete with bar, disco lights, and live band performances, according to town officials, who got a court injunction on Friday to shut it down. T.E. McMorrow

Town officials on Friday got a court injunction against an East Hampton property owner who has allegedly been operating an illegal nightclub in the basement of a house at 7 Muir Boulevard.

Luis H. Farez, the property owner, was issued an appearance ticket by the authorities last weekend and was expected to be charged with code violations including business use of a residence, overcrowding, and lack of a mass gathering permit, which is required for parties of more than 50 people.

After neighbors complained, police discovered more than 200 people at a party in the basement of the house. Officials claimed the attendees were charged a $30 entry fee and that drinks were being sold at a basement bar.

A video advertisement for the party — an “Ecuadorian Independence Festival” at the El Tunel (The Tunnel) club, with the 7 Muir Boulevard address posted — appears on the Facebook page for the Watermill Deli, which says the business is a sponsor of the event. The lively ad promises performances by an Ecuadorian band, Acustica, and Maria de los Angeles, a singer, and dancing at the event to music by LI-DJs Entertainment. It gives two numbers for reservations.

Late Friday State Supreme Court Justice Joseph C. Pastoressa issued a temporary restraining order to stop Mr. Farez from operating the club, prohibiting him, the Watermill Deli, and LI-DJs Entertainment from using the house for commercial purposes and overcrowding the residence. The court order is a result of a town investigation into numerous events on the property, including those of last weekend.

Mr. Farez is due to appear in East Hampton Town Justice Court on Sept. 12.

The property had previously come to the attention of town authorities, and citations were issued for illegal multi-family occupancy and bedrooms in the basement, along with safety violations such as lack of required smoke detectors. Those charges were resolved in court, and a certificate of occupancy was subsequently issued for construction of a recreation room in the basement.