State Assembly Seeks to Reinstate Former STAR Procedures

The New York State Assembly majority has introduced legislation to reform the state school tax relief program, known as STAR, to provide timely tax relief, Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. announced on Thursday.

According to Mr. Thiele, changes made to the program last year overburdened families and seniors. "This legislation helps provide homeowners with the property tax relief they deserve," he said.

Last year's changes included switching administration of the program from local assessors to the State Department of Taxation and Finance and changing how certain homeowners received tax relief. 

Previously, eligible homeowners saw a yearly reduction in school taxes. Instead, new homeowners have had to pay a higher school tax and then register for a rebate from the state, which they would receive in the fall. The benefit amount remained the same, but Mr. Thiele called the system inconvenient, and said homeowners reported receiving their checks late or for less than they were expecting. The legislation would reinstate the previous procedures, including having them administered by local assessors. 

"We heard families' concerns loud and clear and are taking action," Mr. Thiele said.