Pounds and Years Shed in the Harbor

A Sag Harbor Gym fitness contest
Celebration was in order at La Superica last Thursday for Sag Harbor Gym members and trainers who competed in a Slimpossible contest. Carrie Ann Salvi

    Ryan Borowsky, of Sag Harbor and the Montauk Rugby Club, was the big Slimpossible winner, or loser, of 50 pounds in a recent Sag Harbor Gym fitness contest.
    Of the 40 initial participants, 28 finished, what with weather-related accidents and the like, and their successes and awards were celebrated at La Superica restaurant in Sag Harbor last Thursday night. Trainers had a competition of their own, based on their team’s transformation, and Kevin Norman was the elated winner among them, according to Tahlia Miller, another trainer.
    For three months, trainers provided four one-hour sessions per week, and a dietary coach assisted team members with their diets, including the preparation of meals without dairy or sugar. Online support was also provided, and meals were logged there.
    The participants’ “body age” was determined before and after the challenge, and the winners were judged by the number of years lost, body fat percentage, and points from a before-and-after questionnaire. Borowsky, 33, was determined to have a body age of 46 before the program, and 29 afterward.
    The next program, Summer Panic, designed to help people attain a beach body by the first day of summer, will begin on April 22 and finish by June 21, according to the gym’s owner, Bruce Cotter.