Get Your Voting Guide Here for Tuesday's Big Decisions

Tuesday is Election Day, and voters on the South Fork have several important decisions to make. Durell Godfrey photos

Tuesday is Election Day, and voters on the South Fork have several important decisions to make. In East Hampton and Southampton Towns, there are races for town supervisor, town board, and trustee positions. Countywide, voters will elect a new district attorney, who is in charge of prosecutions throughout Suffolk, and a new sheriff, who is in charge of the county jails, amid county political corruption scandals. And, not to be forgotten, there's the all-important constitutional convention question, so don't forget to flip your ballot!

The polls are open between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. A sample ballot for the Town of East Hampton can be downloaded as a PDF here and in Spanish here

East Hampton Town 

• Supervisor (pick one):
Peter K. Van Scoyoc
, Democrat, Working Families, Independent
Manny Vilar
, Republican, Conservative

• Town Clerk (uncontested):
Carole A. Brennan, D, R, C, I

• Superintendent of Highways (uncontested):
Stephen K. Lynch, D, R, C, I

• Town Justice (uncontested):
Steven Tekulsky, D, R, C, W.F., I

• Town Board (pick any two): 
Kathee Burke-Gonzalez
, D, W.F., I
Jeff Bragman
, D, W.F., I

Paul A. Giardina, R, C, Reform
Gerard Larsen
, R, C

Assessor (pick one): 
Eugene C. De Pasquale III, D, W.F., I
Tina S. Silverman, R

Trustees (pick any nine):
John Aldred
, D, I, W.F.
Joseph Bloecker
, R, C, I
Francis Bock
, D, W.F.
Brian Byrnes
, D, W.F.
Gary Cobb
, R, C, I
Dell Cullum
, D
Richard Drew
, D, I, W.F.
Julie Evans
, R, Reform, C, I
Jim Grimes
, R, C
Michael Havens
, R, C
Lyndsey Hayes
, R, C, I
Susan McGraw Keber
, D, W.F., Women's Equality
Rona Klopman
, D, I
Diane McNally
, R, C, I
Francesca Rheannon
, D, W.F., W.E.
Bill Taylor
, D, I, W.F.
Susan Vorpahl
, R, C, I
Willy Wolter
, R, C

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Southampton Town 

Supervisor (pick one):
Jay H. Schneiderman, D, C, W.F., I
Raymond B. Overton, R, C 

Superintendent of Highways (pick one):
Alex D. Gregor, D, C, W.F., I
Lance L. Aldrich, R

Town Board (pick any two):
Julie R. Lofstad, D, C, W.F., I, W.E.
Thomas Schiavoni, D, W.F., I, W.E.
Thea R. Fry, R
Stan Glinka, R, C

Trustee (pick any five):
Gary T. Glanz, D, G, W.F.
Bruce A. Stafford, D, R, C, I
Ann E. Welker, D, W.F., W.E.
Ronald A. Fisher, D
Bill Pell, D, R, W.F., I 
Scott M. Horowitz, R, C, I
Edward J. Warner Jr., R, C, I
Donald T. Law, R, C, I

Town Clerk (uncontested):
Sundy A. Schermeyer, D, R, C, I 

Town Justice (Pick two):
Deborah E. Kooperstein, D, R, C, W.F., I  
Barbara L. Wilson, D, R, C, I

Suffolk County: 

District Attorney:
Timothy D. Sini, D, C, W.F., I 
Raymond G. Perini, R, Reform
Christopher Garvey, Libertarian

Errol D. Toulon Jr., D, C, I
Lawrence M. Zacarese, R, Reform
Peter J. Krauss, Libertarian

• County Legislator, 2nd District: 
Bridget M. Fleming, D, W.F., I, W.E.
Heather C. Collins, R, C

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• Justice of the Supreme Court, 10th Judicial District (vote for any four):
Linda Kevins, D, C, I
William B. Rebolini, D, R, C, W.F., I
Arthur M. Diamond, D, R
Thomas Feinman, D, R
Richard Hoffmann, R
Robert A. Lifson, R
Thomas Rademaker, C
Daniel S. McLane, C
Philip M. Boyle, I
Stuart Besen, I

• County Court Judge (uncontested):
David A. Morris, D, R, C, G, W.F., I, W.E., Reform

• Family Court Judge (pick one):
Theresa Whelan, D, C, G, W.F., I, W.E., Reform
Steven Weissbard, R