Letters to the Editor 11.03.11

My Money’s Worth
    October 31, 2011
Dear Editor,
    During the recent windstorm, I saw our highway superintendent, Scott King, cutting a large branch that had fallen across the road. I was kind of surprised to see someone at work; it was 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.
    I don’t know his opponent, who is supposed to be a nice guy, but it seems to me Scott King is one of the hardest-working managers in town.
    Road safety is very important to me. I don’t particularly like driving at night in the rain and wind. Just seeing our highway superintendent at work during the storm made me feel that that I was really getting my money’s worth as a taxpayer. With this kind of dedication, I can’t believe he would ask his crew to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.
    His is a big, important responsibility, but I believe he has the experience and drive to get the job done right. I don’t know if his opponent will be as competent, so I’m not willing to risk the safety of our roads because someone is a nice guy. Scott King has my vote.

Competence Should Win
    East Hampton
    October 31,2011
To the Editor:
    I am writing in support of Scott King. When we have sought his help or advice, he has always been accessible, knowledgeable, and responsive. I was surprised that in your recent editorial you seemed to equate the importance of Mr. King’s competence with the pleasing personality of his opponent. To my mind, when filling such a demanding and important job, proven competence should win, hands down.
    More than once your paper has published complaints against Mr. King of a personal nature made by a few employees of the Highway Department. And now in your recent editorial you suggest that he is generally unpopular with his department. Taskmasters are rarely popular. We need a smart, tough, financially responsible, dedicated superintendent of highways who works hard, gets results, and expects no less from his staff. Scott King deserves to be returned to office.

No Substitute
    Vierra, Fla.
    October 30, 2011
Dear Mr. Rattray,
    I see on the television today that you are having some real tough weather — storm winds, sleet, maybe even snow. I’m in the sun down here in Florida, but I know what it’s like.
    From your editorial this week I can see you and your readers have reason to feel secure with Highway Superintendent Scott King watching out for you. That is some great record you wrote about, his performance on the job in hurricanes and winter storms.
    Yes, well, there is no substitute for experience when the going gets tough to keep roads safe and clear. Hope it ends well for you.
    Be safe,

Will Work
    Barefoot Bay, Fla.
    October 27, 2011
To the Editor:
    I don’t need anyone to tell Phyllis Mallah what I think of her. I think that she may have been the one who gave Scott King lessons on arrogance. It is sad to think that someone of her supposed stature would lead this poor guy down a path of self-destruction. For someone with her background I would have expected more. Thinking she had to stoop to attack me for supporting my son is pathetic.
    Ms. Mallah, Stephen Lynch will give his all to the job of superintendent of highways, he will study the cost of the leaf program and work diligently to have it on the 2012 ballot for all to vote on. That’s the American way!
    Stephen Lynch will work with the police, ambulance, fire departments, and the marine patrol in emergencies. Stephen Lynch will work with the town board to institute a plan to get the town roads back as they should be and equipment up to standards and will work with the village, county, and state.
    Stephen Lynch will institute a safety program for employees, he will gain their confidence and expect a mutual respect. Stephen Lynch will have his door open to the residents for their concerns. Stephen Lynch will do the job well and treat even you, Ms. Mallah, with respect.
    Stephen Lynch has proved himself a hard worker without losing his ethics. Stephen Lynch is a gentleman and yes, I am proud to say, I am his mother. Have I mentioned his name enough for you? So without further ado, I ask you all to remember: Vote Stephen Lynch for superintendent of highways. You won’t go wrong!

Another Term
    October 31, 2011
Dear Editor,
    We want voters to know a few examples of our experience with Scott King. He was the only highway superintendent to solve the problem of Lake Woebegone that appeared at the corner of Neck Path and Old Stone Highway that would submerge half of our parking lot at the Old Stone Market. Prior to Scott, we were always told nothing could be done about it. He not only solved the problem but did it expediently and inexpensively. He also responded quickly to help retrieve our cat from the bottom of a dry well where we found her after she had been missing for four weeks.
    He is the only Democrat I am voting for, most probably because he has demonstrated that he believes municipal workers should actually put in a full day’s work.
    The Republican slate has proved they deserve another term. They haven’t wasted taxpayers’ money (we’re not all rich out here). It’s been a pleasure for the last few years not to have an arbitrary, sanctimonious, and devious town board. For the same reasons, merit and integrity, Scott King also should have another term as highway superintendent.
    Thank you.

Knew His Record
    East Hampton
    October 30, 2011
Dear David,
    I read with interest your thoughtful editorial last week, a dilemma I understand well.
    Four years ago Steve Lynch asked for help in his election campaign. I met with him and interviewed him — after all, it’s not just the money, Marty and I live here, my children live here, my grandchildren live here. A very sweet and caring man, I learned, so I did the work he asked for. We lost that one.
    This year Scott King — the fellow who had beaten us four years ago — asked for my help.
    I met with him, same procedure. Not as sweet a guy I thought as Steve was — I mean you don’t want to hug him — but I knew his record through storms, hurricanes, keeping roads safe and clean, was impeccable. I knew he didn’t squander taxpayers’ money either, always coming in below budget with surplus money saved for that rainy day — which unfortunately the town needed to borrow from him. At least Scott had it there. So, I worked for Scott’s re-election.
    Where I come from you don’t punish a guy for doing a great job, the job he was hired for. I wish I could vote for both men, but I really think Scott King has earned my vote and those of the people in East Hampton.

Valuable Assets
    October 31, 2011
To the Editor:
    As the campaign draws to a close, I would like to thank the citizens of East Hampton Town for considering my candidacy for town trustee. It has been a great privilege to meet so many voters  —  at public meetings, in private homes, and in front of delicatessens and groceries all over town — and to discuss matters of concern to them.
    I appreciate having had the opportunity to speak with baymen about the ever-increasing difficulties of earning a living from our local waters; I hope to learn more from them. I have enjoyed meeting townspeople who value deeply the recreational uses and natural beauty of the beaches and common lands within the trustees’ purview, and I have especially been privileged to join a great group of fellow Democratic candidates, with whom I hope to serve.
    I believe that, in addition to my professional background as an attorney for nearly 30 years (including over 15 years with an office in town), my previous experience as co-chairman of the Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee, and as a member of the town planning board will prove to be valuable assets once in office.
    It is said that a candidate for office cannot get the votes of others unless he or she presents a reason for running and asks for their votes. So, with that in mind, I respectfully ask to be elected as town trustee.
    Thank you,

Town Trustees
    October 31, 2011
Dear David,
    Just a short note to let the East Hampton voters know some of what their town trustees have been up to: We defeated New York State in the recreational fishing suit allowing all Long Islanders to fish in the bays and the ocean without a fee.
    We have excavated the inlets to Fresh Pond, Accabonac Harbor, Three Mile Harbor, and the culvert on Gerard Drive. We support the county dredging the channel at Three Mile Harbor.
    We have won the first decision in the all-important battle for the Napeague ocean beach and await a trial date.
    The approval of the new Pussy’s Pond Bridge was granted after thorough environmental review. We are working with the Village of East Hampton to expedite the repair of the Georgica Beach parking lot, and finally, we are ready to approve the first two trustee-owned duck blinds in East Hampton to open up more access to this traditional activity.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share these things with our constituents, and allowing me, Joe Bloecker, to ask for their vote for myself and the rest of the Republican trustee candidates.
    Best Regards,
    East Hampton Town Trustee

Don’t Forget Angie
    East Hampton
    October 30, 2011
Dear David,
    Please don’t forget Angie Carpenter when you’re in the voting booth on Tuesday. She never forgets us. She was the lady in the know when we were fighting the good fight at the Suffolk County Legislature to keep the medivac East End helicopter at Gabreski Airport. She was the guiding hand we needed.
    Emergency services needs have always been near and dear to her as well as her genuine respect for county employees. She proved to be a gracious hostess to folks from “out here” when we approached the Legislature in need.
    Ms. Carpenter is running for Suffolk County executive on the G.O.P. line, against a well-funded Steve Bellone. She went from the Legislature (which is term-limited), to country treasurer. She knows how to get things done in county government, and remains dedicated to the East End. She is fully qualified and confident and can handle whatever situation is presented to her.

A Single Community
    October 31, 2011
Dear David,
    This campaign has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. I thank the gracious East Hampton residents who have told me about their concerns and their hopes.
    By listening to these many residents, of all political parties and who live in all parts of town, my ideas for East Hampton’s future can be fair and beneficial for the largest number of people possible.
    I ask all voters to go beyond the negative campaigning and the party politics, and to see that we must become a single community that respects diverse views.
    While campaigning, I saw time and again that East Hampton is a community where neighbors care for each other. Often when I knocked on a door, it was answered by a neighbor who was helping someone who was old or ill.
    This bond among us makes me optimistic that East Hampton will remain a caring, family community, and that it will not slip into becoming simply a resort town.
    The wisdom of the town lies in its people, and I have learned important lessons from each person I have met. If I am chosen to be the next supervisor, I will never forget that East Hampton is not just my town, it’s our town.

    Mr. Cohen is a candidate for supervisor on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines. Ed.