Long Overdue



April 4, 2011

Dear Editor:

Landowners in Springs cannot support the Springs Board of Education’s increased annual budget. Eighty-four employees is too many. Then to give a $20,000 raise to the Springs School superintendent this year, with high unemployment in New York State, seems almost insane! It smells of favoritism. 

All the present school board, including its chairman, Chris Kelley, seems to do is rubber-stamp what the superintendent wants. A change on the Springs School Board is long overdue.

Please tell me and every voter in Springs when and where to vote on the school budget and where and when to vote in the next Springs School Board election.

All our efforts to get housing code enforcement on illegal housing and overcrowding seem to finally be paying off. Although the former East Hampton Town Boards did almost nothing for years, the present town board, led by Bill Wilkinson, has now served about 100 illegal housing warrants. Let’s keep the pressure on now that we finally have a town board that pays attention!