No One Home


Sag Harbor

April 4, 2011

Dear Editor,

The other day while driving on Route 114 I came across a trembling dog, a Weimeraner in the middle of this busy road. The dog was walking in circles and shaking. Several cars swerved to avoid him. I took a leash I had and proceeded toward the dog. 

When I got near him I realized this poor dog was blind. While struggling with this problem, a trucker stopped. He told me he had seen this dog on this road three times and taken the dog back to the owner (the dog wore tags), but according to the gentleman, the owner did not seem to be particularly concerned, or grateful. 

This time no one was home. I took the dog to the Animal Rescue Fund and they called animal control, who came to pick him up — not the first time, apparently. 

The owner reclaimed him. But this is only till the next time. Does this dog have to get hit or killed? Do drivers have to get into accidents to avoid him?

Too bad animal control must return the dog to an irresponsible owner.

Does animal control have any other recourse? I think if not, our laws should be changed.