Letters to the Editor: Zach Cohen 04.27.17

Our readers' comments



April 21, 2017

Dear David,

As longtime residents of Amagansett, my wife, Michelle, and I have had the pleasure of knowing Zachary Cohen for many years. We have observed his unflappable approach to solving problems and facilitating opportunities for our community. We have experienced firsthand his intellectual and creative energy to help those less fortunate in our community, including the current concerns about immigration, education, and environmental protection. Zachary usually has an opinion about issues that deeply affect us all and has the courage and willingness to share his perspective in an open and honest way. We have worked very closely with Zachary on historical preservation matters. His assistance has proved to be invaluable and a benefit to our community.

Zachary earned our support in the campaign for supervisor in 2011. Since that time he has exhibited the knowledge and experience to manage fiscal problems during a critical time as our community began to emerge from scandal and the economic downturn begun in 2008. Zachary’s concern for how our tax dollars are spent in 2017 is no different now than in 2011. He understands that perception is reality when it comes to being transparent and accountable with taxpayers’ money. He knows that good governance begins with having the trust and support of all residents, because he will have earned it through very smart fiscal responsibility and human resource management. 

Never one to avoid a debate, Zachary Cohen knows that actually listening to people is the key to creating mutual respect. He has listened to those with concerns about affordable housing and jobs, and has supported those issues enthusiastically. He has rolled up his sleeves to fight for our environment to protect our aquifers and harbors. Water quality — the new buzzword with Community Preservation Fund dollars, now poised to play a key role since the referendum was approved in the 2016 election — is not new to Zachary. His concern for our environment is obvious every time we hear about his plans to balance land preservation and public use. 

We believe that our community will benefit immensely with Zachary Cohen on the East Hampton Town Board.



Hard-Working Ethic


April 21, 2017

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to read that Zachary Cohen is hoping to secure nomination by the East Hampton Democratic Committee for a town board seat in the November election. 

I’ve worked with Zachary on the East Hampton Nature Preserve Committee for several years and have been greatly impressed by his leadership and his hard-working ethic. He facilitates discussion, goes out of his way to solicit views, and strives for consensus by examining all facts and facets of an issue. For decades he has been involved on numerous town committees, giving tirelessly of his time. I have been especially impressed with his support and work with the Hispanic community. 

In short, I believe that his honesty, integrity, hard work, caring, experience, and extraordinary commitment make him an ideal candidate for voters across a range of constituencies and will give him broad appeal at election time.


Support Zach Cohen

East Hampton

April 24, 2017

Dear Editor,

I urge the people of East Hampton to get to know and support Zach Cohen in his bid for a seat on our town board. Over the years I have gotten to know him and work with him on several committees. He has a heartfelt concern for our community and he takes the extra step and rolls up his sleeves and does what he can to help. 

He is a very strong advocate for more affordable housing in our community. We all know the need but Zach understands and has the ability to do what needs to be done to make that happen. Throughout my involvement in Windmill Village and St. Michael’s Senior Housing he has always made himself available to help in any way needed. 

Zach has the skill set and the determination to get things done in our community. A vote for Zach is a vote for better government.





April 18, 2017

Dear David,

Zach Cohen has proven to be invested in the youth of our town, which is what we need so desperately at this time. 

Zachary was instrumental in helping Girl Scout Cadette Troop 419 obtain their Breathe Journey Award, which is the prerequisite for the Girl Scout Silver Award.

Troop 419 attended a meeting with the Nature Preserve Committee by invitation of Zach Cohen, the committee’s head. The scouts discussed their proposed design of a sign that told visitors to Pussy’s Pond in Springs to be quiet for the health of the wildlife. The Nature Preserve Committee recommended to the town board that they accept the scouts’ proposed signage. 

Zach helped the girls find the best site for the sign and coordinated its placement with various town departments. His help was invaluable. 

Zach continues to reach out to the scouts to create barrier-free accessibility to our nature trails and outdoor sites where youth can explore our local flora and fauna. 



Retired Co-Leader

Girl Scout Troop 419