Atlas, Eaton, and Doctorow Rock the House in Sag Harbor

Rocking Bay Street Theatre on Saturday night were, from left, Nancy Atlas, Caroline Doctorow, and Inda Easton. Katherine C.H.E.

     A dynamic trio of East End songstresses, Nancy Atlas, Caroline Doctorow, and Inda Eaton, rocked a sold-out Bay Street Theatre on Saturday night for "Way Out East," the East Coast precursor to an upcoming mini-tour out west.

The lineup of original songs and covers highlighted and melded the singers' personal styles, from Ms. Atlas's local anthem, "East End Run" to Ms. Doctorow's country-tinged, psychedelic-sounding "That's How," and "Easy," one of Ms. Eaton's rocking signatures, to covers of America's "Horse With No Name," and the Allman Brothers' "Melissa," which received Ms. Doctorow's twangy personal spin.

The top-notch back-up band combined members of each of the singers' regular bands: Johnny Blood on guitar, Neil Surreal on keyboard and accordian, Brett King on bass, Jeffrey Smith on percussion, and Gary Oleyar on violin.

Ms. Atlas evoked New Orleans style with her vocals on a Zydeco original, "Uncle Suzie," and Ms. Eaton extended the westward-ho theme of the night with "Casper" and "Sweet Wyoming Home." 

The audience - many of whom were compelled to head down and dance in the open area in front of the stage - was shown silent images from the road movie "Thelma and Louise" before the show, setting the tone for the feisty spirit of the night and, indubitably, for the road trip to come.

Together, the three musicians will be heading out in a couple of weeks to Ms. Eaton's hometown of Casper to perform and continue a musical education program Ms. Eaton has instituted in the Casper schools.