Hanging Out at the Clothesline Sale

The annual rite of summer attracted throngs of artists and collectors to Guild Hall on Saturday
Art found its way into the hearts of all ages. Durell Godfrey, photos

Those looking for a little something to hang over the couch or a hidden gem soon to be an East End masterpiece flocked to Guild Hall on Saturday to check out the Clothesline Art Sale. Art hung from every available wall, line, and storm fence inside and outside the museum. Half of all proceeds went to support Guild Hall, the other half to the lucky artists who found buyers happy to take their work home.

The gun goes off.
Acres of art.
Art en plein air.
The interior galleries were filled to the rafters.
An aspiring Murakami?
That's the one.
How do you keep them down on the farm?
Who doesn't love a landscape?
Attendees weren't just window shopping.