Garden Club of East Hampton Holds Its Own at Flower Show

Nancy Hoffmann's "Brief Interlude" winning entry Jason Nower

The Garden Club of East Hampton celebrated its centennial with a Garden Club of America flower show at Mulford Farm on Thursday afternoon and a party after that. They had a lot to celebrate, as many club members won awards even with competition from other clubs in the region.

A first-prize blue ribbon award went to Jenny Berkeley of the Garden Club of East Hampton, who also received a special award for excellence for her interpretation of a Jackson Pollock painting, “Convergence,” which was displayed with her creation of Harry Lauder’s walking stick and croton.

Nancy Hoffmann earned a blue ribbon in the "Brief Interlude" class, where she placed objects and a small arrangement of flowers on a tea tray. The judges praised the use of complimentary colors and textures in her floral design.

Another Garden Club of East Hampton member, Mary Busch, earned a blue ribbon for using predominantly native plant material in the novice class. She used yarrow, butterfly weed, oak leaf hydrangea, falling stars, sweet pepper bush, Queen Anne’s lace, and honeysuckle. Kay Gibson took second place in that category. 

In the plant division, Wendy Phillips’s dahlia was awarded a blue ribbon. 

Penny Ross won a best-in-show ribbon for her seascape photograph in the “Time and Tide” class. Gail Cooke’s monochrome photograph won a blue ribbon in the “Take Your Time” class. Durell Godfrey, a Star staff photographer, was a judge for the photos.

Honorable mentions went to Martha Murray, Gail Parker, and Diane Paton.

Jenny Berkeley's award-winning arrangement was cited for its exquisite clarity of rhythm and design.Durell Godfrey
Mary Busch used primarily local plants in her arrangement that showed "dramatic color contrast in pleasing proportion," according to the judges.Durell Godfrey
The Garden Club of East Hampton's conservation exhibit was also cited by the judges for its historical perspective and the communication of its message.Durell Godfrey
Penny Ross with her "Time and Tide" entry that won a blue ribbonDurell Godfrey
Kay Gibson's second-prize winner was in the "Local Time" class.Durell Godfrey
Wendy Phillips and her blue-ribbon dahliaDurell Godfrey
An honorable mention ribbon went to Martha Murray and Gail Parker for their tray of succulents.Durell Godfrey
Gail Cooke's "Take Your Time" blue ribbon winnerJason Nower
Ms. Cooke's rhododendron was also singled out for a blue ribbon, the judges calling it "perfection."Durell Godfrey