On the Police Logs



A tree stand was taken from town-owned land between Fresh Pond and Cross Highway over the winter, Eusebio Perinhas told police last Thursday.

East Hampton

Brien Foray said on March 27 that after leaving the unit he was living in at Sag Harbor Cottages, he locked the door. When he returned, he found that the door was wide open and that his dog had been injured. At a veterinarian’s office it was determined that her paw was broken. Police said there was nothing missing from inside the cottage.

John J. Ebel, a lawyer, told police on March 29 that he has been receiving threatening e-mails from a former client since early March. Mr. Ebel, who lives on Berryman Street, asked the woman to stop e-mailing him.

On March 28 Isaias Perez of Barsdis Lane called police to report that he had sold a car to a woman for $1,500. He received only $1,000 but let her take the car with the license plates on it. Through his son, who translated for police, Mr. Perez said the woman promised to pay the remaining $500 and return the plates, but never did.

A box containing Post-it notes was taken from the front step of Rossetti Perchik’s door on Maidstone Park Road on March 17. Mr. Perchik said the post office informed him that the parcel had been delivered on March 10.

On March 19 Kyle Paseka reported that more than $1,000 in items had been taken from her house on Maidstone Park Road. Ms. Paseka said an Xbox video game console, two games, and a Canon camcorder were missing.

While working at Peconic Beverage on Pantigo Place on March 29, Jose Tovar said, he put his iPhone down to help a customer. When he returned to retrieve it, it was gone. Mr. Tovar said he would attempt to review tape from the store’s surveillance camera.

East Hampton Village

On March 28, Thomas Lamorgese, the principal of the East Hampton Middle School, called police to report that someone had placed signs reading “In Contract” and “For Sale” on the lawn in front of the school.


After Michele Newman drove an unnamed man to Montauk in a taxi for the St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 20, he walked off without paying, saying that he would get her the cash in a few days. On Saturday Ms. Newman reported that the man never paid his $50 cab fare. 

Sag Harbor

Marjorie Masters said on March 29 that upon returning to her office at Sag Harbor Elementary School after lunch, she found that her wallet, which contained $115 in cash, was gone. Later that day, a school employee found the wallet in the parking lot, but it was missing $100.


Joy Goncalves of Fort Pond Boulevard told police that someone giving the name David Clay called her on March 29 to tell her she had won $3.8 million in a sweepstakes. She grew suspicious of the scam when he asked for her banking information. 

A gate attached to a deer fence was taken from Susan Friend’s Winding Way house sometime between March 3 and Friday.


Stephen Vaccaro reported on March 22 that after selling an iPad on eBay to someone in South Africa, he received a confirmation that $695 for the transaction had been sent to him through PayPal. After he sent the iPad, however, the money was not deposited. An eBay representative told Mr. Vaccaro, who lives on East Gate Road, that the confirmation he received was fraudulent.