Alleged Combs Intruder in Court

Quamine T. Taylor returned to jail
T.E. McMorrow

   An East Hampton Town justice issued a restraining order last Thursday
against a Jamaica, Queens, man who had spent the night of March 31 in
the music mogul Sean Combs’s bluff-top vacation house in East Hampton.
    Quamine T. Taylor, 30, was arrested on April 1 after a property
manager for Mr. Combs discovered him there, town police
    Mr. Taylor had been in Suffolk County jail in Riverside since
his arrest, unable to raise the $2,000 bail on petty larceny and
criminal trespassing charges set at his April 2 arraignment.
    On Thursday, two Sheriffs Department officers brought Mr.
Taylor, restrained in handcuffs and ankle shackles, before Justice
Catherine Cahill for a pretrial hearing. He was represented by a
legal aid attorney.
    Melissa Aguanno, a Suffolk assistant district attorney, told Ms.
Cahill that her office wanted Mr. Taylor to serve at least eight
months on the charges.
    Mr. Taylor was then told by Ms. Cahill that a restraining order had
been issued and he was to stay away from Mr. Combs's property.
    As officers began to lead Mr. Taylor away, he paused and asked
Ms. Cahill if he could speak. Ms. Cahill nodded, indicating that he could.
    Mr. Taylor spoke softly. “Can I get a new attorney?” he said.
    Ms. Cahill asked him to repeat his question.
    “Can I ask you something? Can’t I just pay a fine?” he said.
    After he repeated the question into a microphone, Ms. Cahill
told him that would not be possible.
    Unable to make bail, he was returned to jail.