Combs's Unwanted Visitor Back in Court

Man accused of breaking into music mogul's house will undergo psychological evaluation
Quamine T. Taylor walked from East Hampton Town Justice Court on Thursday. T.E. McMorrow

    Quamine T. Taylor, who has been accused of breaking into the music and fashion mogul Sean Combs’s house in East Hampton on March 31 and using it as his own for 24 hours, appeared in East Hampton Town Court Thursday before Justice Lisa R. Rana for pre-trial motions.

     He was arrested for the same crime 10 years ago.

     After a five-minute conference between Justice Rana, the assistant district attorney Melissa Aguanno, and Mr. Taylor's Legal Aid Society attorney, Sheila Mullahy, Ms. Mullahy made a motion for an adjournment so that she could communicate with both her client and his mother.

     According to Ms. Aguanno, the request, which was granted, was to allow time for Mr. Taylor to undergo psychological evaluation.

     When Mr. Taylor last appeared in East Hampton Town Justice Court on April 19, he seemed confused and disoriented, repeatedly asking Justice Catherine H. Cahill, who was sitting in for Justice Rana, if he could leave, and also requesting a different attorney. Justice Cahill issued a restraining order directing Mr. Taylor to stay away from Mr. Combs and his property.

     At Thursday's appearance, as the lawyers conferenced at the bench, he held a small piece of paper in his left hand, manacled to his right behind his back. He seemed eager to give it to someone at the bench. Twice, as he motioned with his shackled hands, court guards told him, “Talk to your attorney."

     Mr. Taylor has been in Suffolk County jail since April 2, unable to raise the $2,000 bail set by Justice Rana during his arraignment.

     “I talked to my lawyer. I should have been out of here 29 days ago,” Mr. Taylor said in response to a question, as he was led from the courthouse for his return trip to jail today.