Early Morning Brawl in Montauk

Four arrested in fight among up to 40 men
After a night of alleged brawling in Montauk, these four men were led into East Hampton Town Court Monday afternoon, three of them charged with inciting a riot. T.E. McMorrow

    While most Montauk residents were sleeping, a brawl that bystanders said was a bias crime broke out in the downtown area in the early hours Monday morning. East Hampton Town police made four arrests, the most serious charges being inciting a riot and felony assault.
    The battle lasted about half an hour, beginning a little after 3 a.m. The mob numbered about 40, according to witnesses. The fighting took place in an area bounded by Pizza Village, the Shell station, the Point restaurant, and the Memory Motel.
    Intermittent police sirens broke the silence of the night. “It began with a particular incident inside the Point restaurant and spilled out into the streets,” Det. Lieut. Christopher Anderson said yesterday. “You have multiple individuals involved and an energized atmosphere.”
    Ailish Kane had just gotten off work at Pizza Village. She stepped outside and saw “a guy on the ground, a lot of people running around,” she said on Monday afternoon. She hurried back into the restaurant for safety.
    According to multiple witnesses, the battle broke down along ethnic lines, with about 30 newly arrived young male Puerto Rican workers fighting about 10 African-American workers.
    “It started in the middle of the street,” said a witness who identified himself only as "Joe" who works at the the Memory Motel, which is across the street from the Point. “It started as a fight. Then it turned into a 30-on-10. It got out of control.”
    Town police, who were outnumbered, brought in additional officers, bringing the number of police on the scene to five. Another officer was sent from East Hampton Village.
    According to the Memory Motel employee, as soon as the police were able to quell a fight in one part of the street, another would break out a few yards away. Eventually the crowd dispersed and calm was restored.
    The four men arrested appeared before East Hampton Town Justice Catherine A. Cahill on Monday afternoon for arraignment. None of them spoke English.
    Emmanuel Candelaria, charged with felony assault, causing a riot, and resisting arrest, was the first to stand before Justice Cahill, hands shackled behind his back.
    Speaking through an interpreter, he said he was a sous-chef at Wash Out, a new restaurant in Montauk on Flamingo Road across from the firehouse. He gave his address as the Neptune Motel and said he’d been there for a month.
    “Where were you before that?” Justice Cahill asked.
    “Puerto Rico,” he answered.
    “Somebody told you, you could get a job here?”
    “Did you call them and tell them you were arrested?”
    He did not answer.
    Bail was set for Mr. Candelaria at $10,000.
    Elvis Ruiz Denzard, who had been injured in the brawl and whose arm was heavily bandaged, was the next to face the court. He gave his address as Tiny Underwood’s Motel and told Justice Cahill he had arrived from Puerto Rico less than three months ago, and that he worked at the Fish Bar.
    “How much money do you make in a week?” she asked.
    Mr. Denzard spoke softly to the translator, who replied, “Every two weeks, $500, according to how much he works.”
    “You’re charged with creating a riot, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail,” Justice Cahill said. She set bail at $500.
    Ivan Candelaria stepped forward, accused of riot in the second degree. He told the justice he’d been in Montauk for less than two months, that he was staying at the Neptune Motel, and that he made $300 a week working as a dishwasher at Sloppy Tuna.
    Bail was set at $500.
    Charley Carrillo Torres came last, charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing, “involving a large steel kitchen knife,” the justice noted.
    Mr. Torres told the court he was 25 years old, worked as a cab driver, and was staying at the Neptune.
    “How long have you been here?”
    “Almost two months,” he said through the interpreter.
    Bail was set at $500.
    “Is that it?” Justice Cahill asked a court officer as the shackled men were led away, adding, “Rough Monday.”

   An earlier version of this story identified the Memory Motel employee as Arthur Schneider. The name the employee first gave when interviewed was "Joe Sarris;" he subsequently provided Mr. Schneider's name as his own. Mr. Schneider, in a phone interview Friday, said he had not spoken to the reporter.


These are the low life creeps that Montauk business owners are brining into town.
Amen to that
get the story straight before you go and publicly humiliate someone.. where are the other men from?? why were they standing in the middle of the street looking to beat up any spanish speaking people..and then who the hell needs to know how much he makes or where they work thats not the publics business...not to mention putting the restaurant in danger from any kind of revenge from people looking for trouble.p.s how much do you get for this story $500.00 $600.00 where do you live?...
Nothing good happens after 3am in the Montauk drunken bar scene. We should examine closing the bars at 1am.
yes if you are old and do not like to party. some people like to have fun
Then part in Hampton Bays and leave us alone.
Deport them all . Send them back to their country they are here illegally . And most are selling drugs
Actually puerto ricans are american citizens with social security numbers who pay taxes. moron
Puerto Rico is a U.S Commonwealth and pretty sure that makes puerto ricans U.S citizens. That would make it pretty hard to depsort them genuis. Seems ironic that you obviously know so little.
you should get a history lesson or move to the south..
Puerto Ricans are american you dumb piece of racist shit. JOHN BLANDON IF YOUR ANGRY ABOUT MY COMMENT
the story is wrong...the african american started the.fight and.they wasn't arrested.
yelling out something about any puertoricans were going to get beat down..
Story totally wrong! Montouk Police are racist!
Sounds like most commenters don't know the facts. Neither do I. But sadly, it sounds like an instance of ethnic conflict between members of those communities. I am a little surprised that the individuals mentioned in the story say they are from Puerto Rico. I hadn't known there were people from that island on Montauk. Of course, Puerto Ricans are "legal" insofar as questions of immigration status go. The Spanish speakers I have met are from Central America. Live and learn.
Ignorant!!!! Puertoricans are U.S. citizens since 1917, they can't be deported bc they're not illegals.
These alleged "Puerto Ricans" may very likely be illegal alien gang members and need to be investigated by ICE.
likely to be illegal gang members? exactly what evidence do you have to support this. They are all American citizens just like you and I they have every right to be working in Montauk. It disgusts me to see such bias and prejudice here in my home. It's people like you who make me question my faith in humanity
Puertoricans aren not illegal here, we are citizens just like you people And why they didnt arrest the other people they didnt fight alone
Artie Schnieder was in Florida when this happened and has no business being quoted.
The author of this story should be embarrassed. You painted a picture of hate for people that were targeted for a vicious hate crime. Something unprecedented did happen in Montauk that night, but it wasn't a bunch of Puerto Ricans starting a fight. It was a group of at least 10 black males that came in from East Hampton with the sole purpose of beating anyone from Puerto Rico. As you can see from your responses T.E Morrow, your poorly written, half truth, ill advised article only fueled a fire of hatred for a group of mostly (there are bad apples in every group) hardworking people here to make some money for the summer. Shame on you. Had you actually investigated this story, you would have discovered an even deeper issue. Why are a group of men coming in to Montauk, beating people, threatening to burn them in their homes and getting away with it? Maybe your intolerance for Puerto Rican people should be explored (and treated).
PUERTO RICO IS A US COMMONWEALTH AND THEREFORE THEY ARE NOT ILLEGAL... This just shows how ignorant racist people are that live in the area. You racists don't even know the laws of your own country. You should be ashamed.
I am a firm believer their rights have being abused, first off they don’t speak any English so they could not explain to the cops what was happening and so how could they manage to let the African or blacks go free? And charge this poor Puerto Ricans large sum of cash… only for defending their self as any citizen would have done so SL.
I don't understand the person that wrote this artical, who is either racist or just plain dumb!!! Both ? Yes there are PUERTO RICANS on long island and they are all there ligaly. There are alot of puertoricans that work hard just like any one else. No english, No Spanish if thats what there trying poit out here. Do you want his job? Im Itlalian,Polish and Puerto Rican ifi understand correct the young man that was jumped first and was'nt looking for a fight and what happend to the other 36 guys no no room in the patrole car or T.E Mc Moran is just racist. Makes you think ?
I don't care where they were from what I hate is that one had a knife. Our children are out there - our local children - who are not brought up to deal with this. You can't tell me all these new bars and businesses are not the ones bringing in this clientele. They are ruining our formerly heaven on earth town. C'mon man, something has to be done to stop this because it's only going to get worse and one of our children - our local children - are going to get hurt or worse! M.S.
LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE FOLKS! The important story is that the bar scene in Montauk is becoming out of control and the owners of these handfull of bars & clubs we know who they all are.....are taking control of the shape and future of this town. We need more police on the scene - and there needs to be more accountability to the bar owners. I cant belive this is our town!
I think this artical doesn't make not sense, thit is to much informations. Talking about where they come from, about languages, where their work and earn. Just because they are hispanic people?? Why they didn't mentioned anything about the others peoples were fighting (Africans) ? Im so upset, we are all humans, not matter where you come from!!!!! Ignorants!!!!!!! att. YASMIN
What got them in trouble is the fact that they far outnumbered the other group. No good happens after midnight when drinking's involved and all you "partiers" (drunks, etc.) I don't need to hear your 2 cents.
The reason why the questions on "how long have you lived in town?", How much you make?" and where do you work? is asked in order to set bail. If you lived in the Town for 25 years and owned a home your bail would be lot less or even zero. Its only to insure you come back to your next court date.
Funny, I was a witness to much of this, I barely missed being hit by a bottle thrown at me while sitting on a bench just outside The Point as a designated driver. I saw a horrible fight as well, June 10, 2012. It began closer to 3:30 a.m. I saw a man try to put a cigarette out in another man's eye. The bar locked down, with bouncer's on the INSIDE! All innocent bystanders were also locked outside, while the rumble rolled around like a tumble weed, knocking over anything in its path. Racial? Too many people breaking apart the Point Bar's makeshift fence using pieces as weapons to know who was doing what to whom. It is anyone's guess. The taxi that got hit by the beer bottle moved his vehicle across the street and further down the road, and yawned the whole thing off (not really...but my upbringing prevents me from writing what he really said here). After the brawl appeared to be over, the occupants of the bar were told it was closed, the employees began arduously cleaning up, the police didn't seem to ask observant witnesses ANYTHING. Game over, until the next time...What a town, what a racket. The bars keep it hush. The tourism trade mandates same. Sad. WARNING: DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THESE BARS NEAR CLOSING TIME!!! Feel free to write for more details: mnassauer66@yahoo.com
Did any of the arresting officers speak Spanish? If not, the men who did not speak English could not have communicated what their version was in a equally fair way. How were they singled out amongst the 'multiple individuals'? Sounds a bit sketchy, as to what really went down, who was arrested and why, and what has been reported. That, is what seems biased and racist.
T.E. McMorrow First your report is not even the real story second i am wondering how much you get paid for this? Puertoricans people are part from here stop being dramatic and get used to it because it was a pr that is the big deal ohhh pleaseeee Realty people they get drunk they have sex they get angry and the fight they wake up and just have fun! Older people stay at home! Please MCMORROW THAT HAVE YOUR LAST NAME HAS "MORON'''''' SPANISH WORD THAT MEANS a person who is really dumb!