Romney Stop Marred by Arrests

Candidate spoke at the Creeks about education and the economy
Guests for a Mitt Romney presidential campaign fund-raiser were checked in at Ron Perelman’s Creeks estate in East Hampton on Sunday. Rossa Cole

    Mitt Romney’s South Fork whirlwind fund-raising trip to the South Fork brought protesters to properties in East Hampton and Southampton on Sunday. They came by bus, foot, bicycle, boat, air, and car, including a “Romneymobile” with corporate logos and a dog strapped to the roof.
    A  G.O.P. stalwart said the weekend visit was well worth the campaign’s time. “It could not have been better,” said Andy Sabin, a sponsor of the $25,000-a-plate lunch given for Mr. Romney at the Creeks on Georgica Pond.
    “He was phenomenal,” Mr. Sabin said. Mr. Romney, he said, was “at his best,” speaking to issues such as the importance of education in improving the economy.
    Mr. Sabin said it was a pleasure to listen to the former Massachusetts governor, as well as see a “casual Romney” in a short-sleeved sport shirt. The Springs resident, who was treated to a lavish spread in a park-like setting with benches and umbrellas, estimated that between $3 million and $4 million was raised from the weekend’s three “extremely successful” events.
    As the lunch was going on, East Hampton Village police, assisted by the town marine patrol, said they arrested David Fink and Simon Kinsella after the men’s sailboat collided with a marine patrol boat stationed along the shoreline of the Creeks, Ron Perelman’s 56-acre estate. In a release, police said the pair had ignored directions to turn away.
    Mr. Fink e-mailed The Star on Monday that “David Fink and Simon Kinsella were attempting to exercise their rights under the First Amendment to freedom of speech while scrupulously avoiding the shoreline. . . .”
    Mr. Fink disagreed with police in his e-mail, saying that “Mr. Kinsella was in open waters of Georgica Pond, aboard his 12.5-foot sailboat flying the Rainbow Flag, outside the territorial limits of the Village and the EHVPD, when Sgt. Erickson, in contravention of centuries-old rules of navigation, rammed his motorboat into the sailboat, boarded without permission or authorization, and assaulted and arrested him.” East Hampton Village and its police department had acted without legal authority, he charged.
     The police line that was crossed consisted of one boat, according to Chief Jerry Larsen, positioned to secure the small area as part of an overall plan drawn up by the Secret Service, which handled security on the premises. Local police were to secure the estate’s perimeter, including its waterway access.
    Chief Larsen said no roads were closed to traffic, and a protest area was set up for those wishing to exercise that right. He saw fewer than a dozen protesters, said the chief.
    He said that Mr. Fink, when confronted by law enforcement, attempted to flee by swimming toward shore, and then refused to exit the water, where he allegedly waded while screaming obscenities. He was then arrested and taken to police headquarters. Mr. Kinsella was removed from his boat on the shoreline. Village police charged both men with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.
    In his e-mail, Mr. Fink, writing in the third person, stated that he “has for many years suffered from ventricular arrhythmia and was far from shore when [village police] assaulted him, handcuffed him, forced his head underwater and dragged him ashore. When he was taken to village police headquarters, E.M.S. personnel found Mr. Fink was suffering from blood pressure so high that the E.M.S questioned the accuracy of its diagnostic equipment, brought in other diagnostic equipment and confirmed that Mr. Fink’s blood pressure exceeded 200.” Mr. Fink added that “Officer Ball refused Mr. Fink’s request to go with Mr. Kinsella to Southampton Hospital for emergency treatment.”
    Chief Larsen said Mr. Fink’s allegations, including heads held underwater and refusal of medical attention, were “absolutely untrue,” and said they “will be handled in a court of law.”
    A sizable group gathered in Southampton that afternoon as well, at the corner of Meadow Lane and Halsey Neck Lane, protesting against both Mr. Romney and David Koch, at whose home an evening fund-raiser took place. As seen from the beach, a Coast Guard boat idled in the water outside a building being used for the event, Secret Service agents roamed the beaches in ATVs, and a banner flew overhead from a plane with a banner stating “Romney Has a Koch Problem.”
    Just outside Cooper’s Beach, ready to march to the Koch estate, were hundreds of placard-waving protesters, one reading “Koch Kills.” There was also a group of 10 or Romney supporters, whose signs read, “Mitt Is It” and other slogans, and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.
    According to the Long Island Progressive Coalition, which distributed a statement on Meadow Lane Sunday afternoon, over a dozen local activist groups were on hand that day to protest “the ever-growing and pervasive influence of Koch Industries money on the electoral system.” The groups were said to include Occupy Wall Street, MoveOn, Long Island Jobs with Justice, United N.Y., Occupy the Hamptons, Occupy the East End, and Greenpeace.

With reporting by Jennifer Landes



Really, "hundreds of protestors"? Photos from the event show a pretty pathetic turn out -- more like 25 people if you do a basic head count. How is it possible that the hometown paper could get this so obviously wrong?
Do you realize that even the protest organizer’s own estimate of participants is way lower than yours? See here: Here's another reporter who was there and said it was more like 40 people:
Too bad Alfonso Osorio wasn't there to be the greeting committee given he was living there many years before The Creeks existed. Perhaps the candidate could have had a lively discussion about gay marriage. Mr. Osorio was a gentleman whose bias everyone knew and we all liked him very well, straight and gay alike. He liked oil, but in his case I'm talking heavy oil paint, not big oil. Sadly Osorio died in the last century. It's a bit unbelievable that the cops would be out in that major waterway directing traffic off what used to be Osorio's front steps. I'm quite familiar with that isthmus, having lived across from it on Briar Patch Road on the other side back in 1954. Be careful lowering your centerboard in that bastion of lily pads and brackishness. It's shallow in spots; like the people who came to support Romney, not doubt. A few boats and a few signs seem like a very mild form of protest compared to the draining of the pond when Clinton was on the south fork not so many years ago.
Can't believe that the people would be protesting big contributors to campaigns. George Soros? Hello? Also amused by anoymous comments above with historic and personal knowledge of previous residents of the Creeks and every lily pad in Georgica Pond (complete with swarmy references to attendees at the fundraiser for Gov. Romney). While I respected and knew Messrs. Ossorio and Dragon, who had a room, to me whimsical, but to others disturbing, dedicated to the practice of Santuria, complete with marble drainage table for the disposal of ritual chicken blood related to that unusual religious practice which most likely ended up in the anonymous writers beloved Georgica Pond, I do not think, considering the vast corporate wealth which paid for their facinating lifestyle and support of the arts, would be as offended as the anonymous writer by the also savvy and successful Republicsn Presidential Candidate. All of us, however, are certainly grateful to the anonymous writer, to be sure, for his invaluable navigation tips. Jonathan Canno
Nothing new. Outright lies and exaggerations by the Press. Of course, we have the stellar example set by the "liar-in-chief" himself. And please, do not tell me about having respect for the office of President when the man himself doesn't have respect for that office. He acts like a tyrant. Come on, Barack, let's get down with a discussion of your performance the last 3 1/2 years. Oops, don't want to go there? Great, let's attack Romney with lies and ignore the facts as verified by your own left organization, fact check, funded with Soros dollars. I fear for the worst as this President will do anything it takes, a page from Saul Alinsky?, to win. And he is the least transparent of any President, the most corrupt and one of the least intelligent. Easy to make a claim of brilliance when all your academic records are sealed. I could go on and on. Those of you who despise this man won't argue and those of you who have drunk the "koolaid" will not listen or question big brother anyway. Just keep holding out your hands and my "wallet". Let's see where all of this is leading.
Revolting, disgusting and typical of the left. First amendment rights do not include denying someone else their right to free assembly and speech. I fear for this nation if the "liar-in-chief" is re-elected and this will probably happen as in true Saul Alinsky fashion, Obama will do whatever it takes to be re-elected. Obama is a liar and totally corrupt. People say he is an idealogue, but in reality power has gone to his empty head. (If he were so brilliant, why would his academic records need to remain sealed?) He is a tyrant and needs to be deposed. Politicians are inherently corrupt; it is the nature of the game. But this one, and his gang of Chicago thugs, is downright dangerous to the future of the nation. And don't get me started on his mouthpiece, Eric Holder. Where would I be if I said the kinds of things the New Black Panthers said, or did what they did, or put a bounty on someone's life? Investigated, ruined and maybe even jail time. This country is upside down.
hey, karl rove, why'd you post that twice?