Pit Bull Kills Lapdog

Neighbors had warned officials previously
Lola, a 7-year-old Shih Tzu, was killed when a pit bull terrier attacked her last Thursday at her owner’s weekend house in Springs.

    A Springs woman watched in horror last Thursday as her beloved Shih Tzu lapdog was killed by a neighbor’s pit bull.
    The woman, Wendy Marks of Copeces Lane, huddled inside her car with her friend from New York City, Lynn Joffe, sobbing and screaming for help, as the pit bull alternately circled the car, trying to get at its occupants, then shook the lifeless Shih Tzu, Lola, clamped in its bloody jaws.
    The two women had just arrived at Ms. Marks’s house after a three-hour drive from Manhattan. As they stepped out of the car, Ms. Marks held her other Shih Tzu, Henry, while Ms. Joffe held Lola, whom Ms. Marks had adopted from the Animal Rescue Fund in 2007.
    “I was holding the dog that was murdered,” Ms. Joffe said Monday. “I dropped something. I put her down.”
    That is when Ms. Joffe saw the pit bull. “He was two to three feet from me. He was staring at me. He lunged at [Lola], took her away. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and flung her like she was a rag doll. We watched and screamed and cried. He was circling the car and wouldn’t leave us.”
    The women began honking the horn. Help came, far too late for Lola.
    Ron Balcuns and Dawn Flagg, neighbors, ran from down the street.
    “She was blowing the horn, screaming horribly,” Mr. Balcuns said Tuesday about Ms. Marks. He told Ms. Flagg to get into the car, and finally managed to corral the dog by its collar. The dog, reportedly owned by Christine Hawkins, was emaciated and smelled, he later said. Numerous attempts to speak with Ms. Hawkins this week were unsuccessful.
    Several neighbors alleged that the pit bull, named Thunder, Ms. Marks said, had been mistreated by its owner. According to neighbors there had been more than two dozen complaints registered with the East Hampton Town Animal Control Department about the animal and the conditions under which it and a second dog, a golden retriever, were kept. The Animal Control Department did not return calls for comment.
    “During the heat, they were kept in the garage. I never saw anybody walk those dogs. They would howl and bark all night,” Ms. Marks said.
    Mr. Balcuns echoed her remarks, adding that when the pit bull finally got loose, “it was frenzied.”
    Despite consistent complaints to the town, nothing changed.
    “There was no fence,” Ms. Marks said.
    Indeed, Kathryn and Gavin Menu, who live with their 3-year-old daughter across the street from Ms. Marks and Ms. Hawkins, were so concerned about the pit bull that they had a fence put in, enclosing their yard.
    “My husband and I now carry our daughter to the car,” she said Tuesday.
    The killing of Ms. Marks’s dog brings to mind a spate of similar incidents on June 23. In that case, a German shepherd and a husky mauled and either killed or injured several house cats on Oakview Highway in East Hampton after being allowed to roam free by their owner, Claudia Solares. Those two animals have since been destroyed, a fate that Ms. Marks has been told awaits the pit bull.
    “There are no leash laws,” another neighbor, Dawn Flagg said. Ms. Flagg has written to and addressed the town board about the issue directly.
    According to Ms. Marks, an East Hampton Town animal control officer informed her that Ms. Hawkins agreed to have the dog euthanized last night.
    Ms. Marks has placed a memorial in her front yard, on the spot where the dog was killed, consisting of flowers, a tennis ball Lola liked to play with, and a photograph of the dog.
    “She was all love,” Ms. Marks said.


The only two people to be blamed is the pathethic irresponsible dog owner and the E.H Animal Control for not investigating the FIRST complaint they recieved. Every call/complaint should be looked into - maybe the lives of more dogs and cats could have been saved. Shame on you!
I am not at all surprised to hear that Animal Control did nothing despite all the reports of mistreatment of the pit bull and the other dog. Our neighbors mistreated their dog for months -- leaving it outside, chained up, day and night, year round. We called Animal Control and they showed up once. Nothing changed, except the owners put up a fence so that the poor dog couldn't be seen. We called Animal Control again and no one responded. Nothing changed. The owners finally moved.
What is this town going to do with this owner now? She should be held entirely responsible for this tragedy.
This is so heartbreaking.Why didn't animal control do something after so many complaints ?Disgusting,it is their job.My sympathy to you .I can feel your anguish ,poor puppy A
wish in east hampton town to make new law that not allow to have pit bull in town of east hampton or new york state that can gov cucmo make new law for the pit bull not allow in new york state or east hampton town if the police see any pit bull that report to town of east hampton to take away from owner of pit bull to put to sleep right away after court is take care of this solve problem
There are already laws that should have prevented this from happening - namely laws against animal abuse. East Hampton needs to be MUCH more responsive to reports of animal abuse.
I am a pit bull owner, and I asure you 100% if you meet my dog, you will Fall inlove with her. It is unfortunate that because of iresponsible owners we ignorant people with crazy ideas like your self. Quick tip for you " there is no dangerous dog, but there is really dangerous and iresponsible dog owners." Please stop being so ignorant.
Wow, your ignorant. Most of your message didn't make any sense. You need English classes. It has nothing to do with pit bulls. Any dog being abused, chained up and starved would have acted that way. Our domestic dogs still have that wild streak in their blood. Killing for food or territory is what they do. And to single out pit bulls is stupid. Did you read the whole story? A German Shepard and a Husky also killed animals. So do you want to put a ban on them and have them killed? Do you even own a dog? I used to be a dog groomer and Cocker Spaniels are really nasty tempered dogs who bite. Maybe we should go to all the homes that have those dogs and kill them to. Next we will move on to peoples bad behaving children.
How about you learn how to write a cohesive sentence in English!
It is unbelieveable that there are no leash laws. Absolutely unbelievable.
Dear EH Star- you have no taste or heart publishing this photo
My thoughts exactly!! Poor taste.
Nothing has changed since Big and Little EDIE BOUVIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lousy animal control never trapped/neutered/spayed all the poor cats living there!
Animal Control is one of the most useless organizations ever formed and a total waste of taxpayer money. Back when what was called the "dog pound" was in control -- which was staffed by people intent upon protecting the public from problem dogs instead of bleeding heart dog freaks -- dogs that caused problems were picked up and removed permanently!
1- blaming breed, and name droppping other breeds, is entirely irresponsible and ignorant. I have known (not to mention own dogs myself) many pit bulls, german shepherds, huskys, akitas, wolf hybrids, rottis etc and they are all AWESOME well behaved and trained dogs. Its the owners responsibility to properly train, exercise, and give the dog a life a dog is supposed to have. A neglected, untrained, unexercised dog is bound to go into a frenzy when couped up and finally gets out. its the owners fault for not being a responsible dog owner, not the dog or bc of its breed. for the comment on a ban for all pit bulls-- A ban for certain breeds is completely ridiculous... where is the ban for letting unfit owners adopt or purchase dogs that have no intent to properly treat them or put the required time into them to create healthy balanced dog? 2- agree that the photo was unnecessary
We desperately need BSL. If not a total ban (which I'd prefer), then at least lots of licensing, containment, leash-muzzle requirements for owning these fighting / baiting types of non-dogs.
You obviously don't know anything about the breed. And anyone actively seeking BSL is as ignorant as any racist ever. What you are advocating is, for lack of a better term, GENOCIDE. How's that working out for you?
Heartbreaking! I don't think it serves any purpose to include a photograph of Lola after the accident, however.
Many well kept pit bulls are aggressive toward other dogs. The breed was created for dog fighting, and its breed stewards have been so woefully immoral that pit bulls have never been bred away from, on average, wanting to kill other dogs. Of course, socialization helps, but a dog that must be specially handled so as not to want to hurt other dogs is less safe by definition given usual dog owners. Most pit bulls make poor companion animals. Of course, there are exceptions. But it is no coincidence that there is a controversy around them and that they are killed in shelters more than any other dog breed. People that care about dogs should want the pit bull breeds to become rare to extinct.
I guess that's why pit bulls are also known as the "nanny dog"! They make excellent companion, therapy and service dogs. Please do your research. Your logic is flawed. When any living creature is abused, there could certainly be repercussions. What is disturbing, is you mention that these unfortunate dogs become rare to extinct, yet you don't mention any punishment for the human scum who mistreat them. This can happen with any dog under the same circumstances, and unless we get tougher laws against animal abuse, have leash laws and stricter judges, it will go and on, because the perpertrators don't give a damn. Amazing how you rant about the dog and not from where the blame originates. I have a pit, along with 2 other dogs and several cats. I know of many others with similar living situations. There has not been one incident. Therefore, I suggest that you consider using a word other than "exception".
I totally agree. In France pit bulls are illegal to own, for good reason. What's it gonna take? Hellooooo??
Really, this picture denotes “news?” It is horrifying and disgusting! Would you put a dead human body lying prone on the grass in your paper, are you that desperate for readers? The article should be enough there is no need to subject readers, or that poor family, to the site of their dead dog!
No one can train out genetically inbred aggression. Unfortunately, people DO need to see the photograph. It is too easy for people to dismiss the gravity and horror of this event without pictures these days. What we really need is a video of that predatory pit bull circling the car with the women in it. This was not simply dog aggression. The pit would have attacked a woman if she got out of the car.
Wendy so sorry for your loss.
There's no reason to degrate the pit bull breed. It is very sad that this dog attacked that poor little dog. For someone that wrote that it is imposible to train a dog that was bred to fight, you are soooo wrong. Reason being, pit bulls were first bred in London, England as baby sitters. When they were broght to america HUMANS ruined the breed, noticing their strength, made them fight, get your facts straight and let's not be ignorant talking rubbish about just one breed. There in no such thing as a dangerous dog, but there is dangerous and irresponsible humans.
Do the people who advocate BSL not realize that they are seeking genocide based on the transgressions of the few? You never hear about the noble Pitbull, the friend, the over-sized lapdog, that responsible Pitbull owners all know and love. You neglect any dog and they become anti-social and mean, it is NOT the dog's fault that they just happen to be built that way. Dogs are a human eugenics experiment and we have to be held responsible for our creations, not the animal. As an owner of a pitbull, I knew what I was getting myself into, and I didn't enter into it lightly. All the people who stop and ask if they can pet him, swoon over how good looking his is, or shy away because they fear the eville Pitbull always get an education on the breed from me when I have him out on a walk. The ignorance people have about this breed astonishes me. The photo on this page, and the breed name dropping needs to stop. I am sorry for the loss of Lola, but in the end, I blame Thunder's owner for letting him down in the first place.
What happened to the other dag? A golden retriever? Is it still with these animal abusers? If so, WHY?
This drives me insane to hear this. It happened to me in florida that a grey hound killed my yorkie. The dog could not be controlled by its owner. If you can't control your own dog you shouldn't have one!!! Poor shitzu rest in piece I have one they are great dogs
Pitt bulls have the bad reputation of being nasty... So do other breeds I have a chihuahua that I can't pick up because he will bite. Button line is that if you know that your dog could possibly hurt a human or other animal that dog should be controlled by the owner. If you can't take control of your dog then give it away because only stuff like this will happen.
The other dog is a lab. She has always been well taken care of. Thunder bit Christine's son and supposedly tried to attack his pregnant girlfriend. Why didn't she get rid of the dog then? She moved away and didn't even care for the dog. If her alcohol and drug problems weren't in the picture maybe she would learn to be a little more responsible as a parent and then as an animal owner. Thunder and the lab were only barking when the neighbor dawn Flagg came over and flashed a flashlight in the garage window and harassed the dogs from the outside. Videos and pictures we're taken. She would make them brk and then call the police. She should be arrested. Getting fired as the lieutenant of the springs fire department for her constant drunk driving and drug use that seems to be unreported should have been a warning sign. I hope she goes to jail for a long time.
If the dog was so vicious how did Ron get her by the collar?
What??! It bit her son and she decided to keep it anyway?? Sounds like more of a cps case than an animal cruelty case. That evil woman clearly could give two craps about her son - her own flesh and blood - imagine how the dog felt!!
Mrs Hawkins' son and his Wife had numerous people come out and try to take the dog to put into a good home and many people had contacted mrs Hawkins on numerous occasions about surrendering and help and free training for the dog. She freaked out numerous times stating that she would have her daughter in law and mr hawkins arrested by reporting that after the dog was taken that they "killed" the dog. The resources decided to back out due to the psychological issues of this dog owner and to prevent any problems for the family members that were trying to help. She was reported to have numerous psychological issues that would go untreated, and there were reports of mrs Hawkins physicaally mutilating her own body and abusing substances. Numerous numbers were left with her if she needede help and a lot of people tried to reach out but she did not want the help. Therefore she should be penalized for the death of that dog. Police reports supposedly state that Wendy was on her porch that night with her dog Lola and saw thunder. She supposedly dropped her dog and kept screaming around the dog. Thunder had never been outside on her own before she was probably scared.
Maybe Christine forgot to lock the door and dawn let the dog out I have seen her on the Hawkins property a few times when the grey car wasn't in the driveway she harasses a lot of people about dogs barking when they don't even have a dog! LOL. Shes saying ms Hawkins got another dog a lab. Uh there was only. Lab and a pit bull to begin with. There was no golden retriever lol. Dawn was just escorted out of court for taking pics to post on fb of Christine. How dumb and immature could u be? Lol
Numerous people were bit by thunder and Christine did nothing about it and neither did animal control. Animal control doesn't call back.