Principal's Absence Extended Through Next Week

Charles Soriano, the principal of East Hampton Middle School, will not be returning to work on Tuesday, as planned.

Mr. Soriano has been out on an extended medical leave since early fall. He was scheduled to return to work following the Martin Luther King Birthday holiday.

But as of Friday afternoon, that plan apparently changed, as explained an e-mail that Mr. Soriano sent to teachers, parents, and staff at 2:29 p.m.

At the time the e-mail was sent, teachers had already begun gathering for a going away party, complete with cake, for Thomas Lamorgese, who has served as interim principal since mid-November.

Mr. Lamorgese will continue filling in for Mr. Soriano until his return.

The e-mail, which was obtained by The East Hampton Star, appears below in its entirety.

From: Soriano, Charlie

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 2:29 PM

To:; Ms-All

Cc: Lamorgese, Thomas; Burns, Richard

Subject: Update

For Middle School Colleagues and Parents,

Happy Friday. I am writing with the hope that this update will clear up any speculation, innuendo and rumor-milling that sometimes circulates unchallenged.

When the EH Star reporter contacted me last week she said there were many rumors circulating about my medical leave. As I've said before, creative tales are so much more interesting than the plain truth. The grapevine needs some pruning, folks. Unfortunately, yesterday's follow-up with my doctor in NYC did not go as I wanted or planned; he declined to write my clearance to return until I see another specialist next week. This was a personal disappointment, but my health must come first; and I know that you would agree. I have made a request to our superintendent for extending my medical leave until 25 January. No one is more frustrated than me about how long this has taken especially since I have always been a healthy, relatively fit person. Finally, I want to shout-out some thanks to Dr. Lamorgese who has done a great job leading in my absence, especially shepherding the school through the days and weeks following the tragedy in Connecticut. I'm sure it was a very difficult time, and I thought quite a bit about what that must have been like for all of you. I look very forward to being back at EHMS as soon as my doctor gives me the green light.

Please enjoy the long week-end, all best,