Grucci Display Over the Harbor

   The Great Bonac Fireworks Show, an annual event at Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton, will take place on Saturday, beginning at about 9:15 p.m.

    The midsummer show began 33 years ago as a benefit for the now-defunct Boys Harbor summer camp. It has been put on in recent years by the Clamshell Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports community programs.

    Hundreds of boats are expected to anchor in Three Mile Harbor for the  national-class Grucci show; it will also be seen from vantage points all around the harbor.

    Rossetti Perchik, the Clamshell Foundation’s founder, said donations are needed to help pay for the show as well as to help the organization continue its grants, which go to food pantries, environmental efforts, and scholarships for East Hampton High School students.

   A flotilla of volunteers will solicit donations from those on boats, and those who enjoy the fireworks from land, particularly homeowners who often make the night a social occasion, have been asked to donate as well.
Donations can be made through the Clamshell Foundation’s Web site,


Make sure you having anything you may need before going into the harbor, the only two marine stores are ridiculous in their pricing!