Two to Hospital In Pantigo Crash

A Nissan Altima suffered front-end damage after an accident in the intersection of Pantigo Road and Pantigo Place in East Hampton Tuesday morning. Taylor K. Vecsey

Two cars collided in East Hampton on Tuesday morning sending two drivers to the hospital.

A Nissan Altima appeared to have struck the driver's side of a Land Rover at the intersection of Pantigo Road and Pantigo Place, near the Luigi's and Smokin' Wolf eateries. The accident was reported at 10:47 a.m.

The Nissan sedan, seen on the side of the road just east of Town Hall, sustained front-end damage. The Land Rover's driver's side air bag deployed, and it had side-impact damage.

Two ambulances from the East Hampton Village Ambulance Association responded to transport the drivers to the hospital.

An East Hampton Village police traffic control officer helped redirect eastbound traffic off of Pantigo Road onto Amy's Lane while the accident was cleared.

Both vehicles involved were towed away from the scene.

The Nissan and a Land Rover collided in the intersection.Taylor K. Vecsey


Really should put a stop light at that intersection and also remove the entry from the BBQ joint and Luigis and make the traffic go in and out through Pantigo Place.