East Hampton Village Noise Hotline

'A balance that makes both sides happy,' mayor says
Noise of leaf blowers driving you crazy? Now there's a number to call. Morgan McGivern

In response to numerous complaints about noise from commercial landscaping and construction activity, East Hampton Village has instituted a hotline and email address at which residents can lodge complaints.

The toll-free telephone number is 844-324-0777, and the email address is noisecomplaint@easthamptonvillage.org.

After several board meetings at which residents complained about excessive, nearly year-round use of gas or diesel-powered leaf blowers, the village board coordinated a working group, led by Barbara Borsack, the deputy mayor, to develop amendments to its code relating to construction noise and landscaping equipment. Last month, the board adopted an amendment that reduces the hours in which such commercial activity is permitted, though it made concessions to representatives of the affected industries, who called some of the proposed restrictions onerous and unfair.

In a statement, Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. called the hotline, email address, and code amendments "a nice balance that will make both sides happy." He urged residents to take advantage of the hotline and email address as needed.