Sean Combs's Unwanted Guest Back in the Hamptons

Quamine T. Taylor, right, outside East Hampton Town Justice Court on Saturday after an appearance on a 2013 arrest warrant resulted in his arrest in Westhampton. T.E. McMorrow

Quamine T. Taylor, who sneaked into the hip-hop impresario Sean Combs’s East Hampton house two years ago and spent 20 hours drinking liquor and soda, eating food, wearing Mr. Combs's bathrobe, and reportedly smoking his cigars, was back in East Hampton Town Justice Court Saturday after being arrested on a warrant in Westhampton Beach on Friday.

Mr. Taylor, 32, eventually served 120 days in county jail, after pleading guilty to one count of misdemeanor criminal trespass for entering and staying in the Hedges Banks Road house belonging to Mr. Combs.

Mr. Taylor was arrested again in August 2013 after an East Hampton Town police officer spotted him less than a quarter-mile from Mr. Combs’s house, following a report of a suspicious person walking in the area. Police said they found a small packet of marijuana on him during a search. He was supposed to return to court later that month but failed to appear, prompting East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana to issue a bench warrant for his arrest.

On Friday, Westhampton Village police questioned him about an unrelated matter, and discovered the warrant. They arrested him and turned him over to East Hampton Town police.

Justice Rana began Saturday's arraignment reminding Mr. Taylor about his last court date. “You did not appear,” she said. She then asked him where he now lives. Mr. Taylor gave an East New York address.

“What were you doing in Westhampton?” she asked.

“I was just going to hang out. Can I just plead guilty?” he said.

“No,” Justice Rana said, and set bail at $100, telling Mr. Taylor that he will be returned to court on Thursday.

“I’m going to spend a week in jail. It’s just a small bag of marijuana,” he said.

He was taken back to the prisoners’ bench, while other defendants were being arraigned. “Bail,” he said loudly at one point, shaking his head. Justice Rana looked at Mr. Taylor. “Really?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, your honor,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Combs was in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, receiving an honorary doctorate from Howard University.

Outside the courthouse, as Mr. Taylor was led to a waiting police van to be taken to headquarters and then to county jail, he said to a photographer, “Tell The East Hampton Star that Oprah Winfrey’s next.” He repeated the sentence, then smiled. “Just kidding,” he said as ducked his head and climbed into the van.