Three Lucky in Dramatic Bluff Road Crash

A truck parked in a driveway on Bluff Road was demolished when a Mercedes flipped over, bounced off of it, and flipped over again early Saturday morning. T.E. McMorrow photos

 The three occupants of a Mercedes involved in a crash at about 4 a.m. Saturday morning on Bluff Road between Hand Lane and Atlantic Avenue in Amagansett were able to walk away from the vehicle unhurt, despite the fact that the car flipped over, landing on top of a parked truck, then flipped through the air again, landing back on its tires.

The owner of the truck, Pete Vaziri, who is caretaker for a couple of the houses between Hand Lane and Atlantic Avenue, was on the scene this morning, assessing what was left of his 1980 Chevrolet, its windows shattered and roof crushed into the cabin of the vehicle. He had left the truck parked in a client’s driveway.

“It started there,” he said, sharing details that police had provided to him. He pointed at the row of thick hedges on the north side of Bluff Road that had been torn out of the ground by their roots, apparently the first thing the westbound Mercedes came in contact with. “They were airborne,” he said of the car, which continued crushing and ripping through hedges as it flew through the air, until it landed, roof-down, on top of his truck. After bouncing off his truck, police told him, it continued to hurdle westward until crashing on top of a split rail fence on a neighboring property, demolishing part of it. In all, the impact area from the crash covered about 25 yards. “It looks like a hurricane,” Mr. Vaziri said of the damaged area. 

Burton Josephs, who lives east of where the accident occurred, took a break from his morning jog when he saw the accident scene. “Thirty years I’ve been here,” he said, complaining that speeding on Bluff Road, which is frequently used as a bypass for drivers trying to avoid the traffic on Amagansett Main Street during the summer, has gotten out of hand. “The speeding is pervasive. It’s Porsches, pickup trucks, and S.U.V.s. Right across the socio-economic landscape.”

The identity of the cars’ occupants have not been released. Mr. Vaziri said that police told him alcohol was not a contributing factor in the crash.

The passengers of the Mercedes were able to walk away from the accident, but the car took out a swath of vegetation as it careened off the road.