Stein, Schroeder Win Sag Harbor Election

In a four-way race for two seats, Robby Stein and Sandra Schroeder were victorious during Tuesday’s election.

Mr. Stein, the only incumbent running this time around, was the top vote-getter, taking in 308 votes to win a fourth term in office.

Ms. Schroeder, a former village clerk who retired in 2010, was elected with 270 votes. She worked for the village for 21 years, but came out of retirement to run for mayor last year, and lost by 11 votes to the incumbent, Mayor Brian Gilbride.

She said she had not planned to run again this year because she did not want to run against Mr. Stein or Kevin Duchemin, but when Mr. Duchemin decided not to seek re-election, she said he called her and asked to reconsider.

John Shaka, a Save Sag Harbor board member who has lived in the village for 15 years, received 219 votes.

Mr. Stafford, a former member of the village board who was ousted in a three-way race with Mr. Stein and Mr. Duchemin in 2012, finished last with 124 votes.

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According to Beth Kamper,  the village clerk, 468 people voted by machine, while 43 sent in absentee ballots. There were also four write-in votes; two for Scott W. Smith, one for Mary Anne Miller, and one for Margaret Bromberg.