Held on Rape Charge by 16-Year-Old

Leander Kobolakis was released on bail after he was charged with two counts of rape.

East Hampton Town police arrested a 21-year-old East Hampton man Friday evening on charges stemming from an alleged sexual encounter with a 16-year-old girl. Leander Kobolakis was arraigned Saturday morning on two felony charges, rape in the third degree and criminal sexual misconduct, along with a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Rape in the third degree is charged when an adult 21 years old or older is accused of sex with someone who is 16 years old or younger.

He told East Hampton Town Justice Steven Tekulsky at his arraignment that he works at Bay Kitchen, a restaurant on Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton, where he said he met the girl, who, accompanied by her father, reported the incident to police. Her father, who has not been named to protect his daughter's privacy, and the alleged victim were at court Saturday morning before the defendant was brought in, and Justice Tekulsky issued her an order of protection.

Mr. Kobolakis was represented by Gordon Ryan, an attorney based in Montauk. He argued that Mr. Kobolakis should be released on low bail, pointing out that the man's mother was in the courtroom, and had $1,000 with her. "That is not going to do it," Justice Tekulsky said, setting bail at $10,000. Mr. Kobolakis's mother then left the courtroom, while Mr. Kobolakis waited for three other arraignments to be concluded before being taken back to police headquarters.

During these proceedings, which lasted nearly an hour and a half, Mr. Kobolakis, a tall, lanky man, kept getting up from his seat, until Justice Tekulsky asked, "Do you want to stand, or do you want to sit? It is fine, either way." With Mr. Ryan in a side room speaking with another defendant, Mr. Kobolakis asked an officer if there were any way to get the judge to lower the bail. He then began talking directly to Justice Tekulsky, who cautioned him not to speak. Mr. Kobolakis nevertheless asked again for lower bail. "That application has already been made. Nothing you say will change my mind. I suggest you not speak," Justice Tekulsky said.

At that point an officer explained to Mr. Kobolakis the options for bail or the alternative $100,000 bond amount set by Justice Tekulsky, explaining that the bond option could only be applied if he was taken to county jail, which was to happen later that day. He later posted bail.