Meet Chewbacca, uh, Milos Camaro, a Brussels Griffon

Milos Camaro Bella Lewis

There is a new addition to the list of famous faces that frequent East Hampton, and this one is fuzzier than most. Meet Milos (mee-losh) Camaro, an 8-year-old Brussels Griffon with quite the résumé of print and television work, as an actor and model for brands such as Iams, Cablevision, Ralph Lauren, Nikon, Michael Kors, and Google.

Misha Jenkins, Milos’s owner, is a location scout under the name Where’bouts. When Milos is not on the set for one of his own jobs, he’ll tag along to one of his owner’s, who said that people working there “know him and want his energy on set to take away their stress.” Milos, who was trained as a therapy dog at Good Dog Foundation, knows how to “sit with sick people and stressed-out people,” Mr. Jenkens said

The dog is named after the director Milos Foreman. As for Camaro, Mr. Jenkins said it just stuck. He’s also called “The Lump, Pumpkin, Mustard, Popcorn Paws — his paws smell like popcorn.”

Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, Milos was one of the puppies in the litter of a breeder who heads the Brussels Griffon Club of America.

Those seeking a pawtograph can find Milos in Springs. Mr. Jenkins reported that he and Rachel Fleet, a friend of his, have just bought a house there and hope to move in next month.

Milos “loves the beach, but doesn’t love the ocean, because every wave is pretty much taller than him,” said Mr. Jenkins, who used to work at a yoga studio. “He started taking yoga with me and would sleep on the blanket while we practiced yoga.”

The dog has been recognized not only in New York City, for his Cablevision commercial, but also in Los Angeles, as he was accompanying Mr. Jenkins to a yoga class. “Someone said, ‘I’ve done yoga with this dog before!’ ”

At their home in Brooklyn, Mr. Jenkins reported, “he’s the local celebrity of Prospect Park. . . . If you Google ‘dogs that look like Chewbacca,’ he’s number three,” Mr. Jenkins said.

The pair have driven cross-country together twice. Milos also rides the subway, and now has a papoose to ride with Mr. Jenkins on his motorcycle.