Voters Approve Bond for Fire Truck in Bridgehampton

A vote at the firehouse Tuesday night will allow the Bridgehampton Fire District to buy a $1 million fire truck. Christine Sampson

The Bridgehampton Fire District will be able to buy a new combination pumper and ladder truck following a successful bond referendum vote on Tuesday.

By a vote of 78 to 33, voters supported the bond, which amounts to $850,000, payable for up to 10 years. Two more votes were cast, but are being reviewed because the residents who cast them were not registered to vote in the district.

The truck is valued at $1 million, but the cost will be offset by $150,000 because the board of fire commissioners decided to put some reserve funds toward the purchase. Bruce Dombkowski, the fire commissioner who announced the results Tuesday night, said the new truck will be "the best thing that ever happened to this district."

"We were 15 years behind" without that truck, Mr. Dombkowski said. "The houses are getting bigger and now we have a 77-footer that is going to reach, no problem."

The district will not have the truck for about one year. It's expected to take 270 days to build, Mr. Dombkowski said.

"We thank the community for coming down and voting this truck in," he said.