On the Police Logs 11.30.17


A Scrimshaw Lane resident woke up Sunday morning to find smashed champagne bottles in his driveway and his garage door dented. James Caldarone told police he had heard loud banging around 10 the night before. He estimated that repairs would cost about $300.

East Hampton Village

A Manhattan resident who is a member of SoulCycle began shouting at the manager of the Newtown Lane branch of the exercise studio on Friday afternoon after being told to wait in line. The man began filming the manager with his cellphone, and when told that that was against company policy, “he yelled that he is being racially profiled,” according to the police report. He was asked to leave, which he did.

A caller reporting dogs fighting in a car parked in front of White’s Pharmacy on Main Street triggered a visit from an officer around noon on Nov. 21. The owner of the car and the dogs told the officer that she works next door to White’s and that her dogs always bark when she leaves the car and enters her place of business. The animals did not seem to be in any distress, the officer reported, and no further action was taken.

An East Hampton High School student left his 10-speed bicycle unlocked in front of the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter on Gingerbread Lane on Nov. 21. When he exited the building a half-hour later, the bike, valued at $100, was gone. Police later found it on a bike rack at the high school.


Police were called to Maple Street in Hither Hills on the morning of Nov. 20. A blue wooden gate on Evelyne Bize’s property had been knocked down during the night. She suspected that a vehicle might have been responsible. When an officer examined the gate, however, he discovered that it was rotted at the base, and suggested that it may have been knocked over by a strong wind the night before. It will cost Ms. Bize about $1,000 to replace, she told police. 

Police were summoned by an anonymous call to Otis Road on the afternoon of Nov. 22. Two Ditch Plain residents were found there, using a skateboard ramp on the property. The two, who live on Brisbane Road, said they had used the ramp several times, thinking that it was a public one. They were told that the ramp was on private property and were warned that if they continued to use it, they could face trespassing charges. They left without incident.

Northwest Woods

Twelve silver-colored, solar-powered driveway lights were stolen from outside an Alewife Brook Road residence early in the morning of Oct. 29. Susan Camus estimated the value of the stolen lights at $100.