Search for Driver After Car Found Near Hook Pond

A Mini Cooper was apparently abandoned by its driver after it ran off the road in East Hampton Village and came to rest down an embankment in a Hook Pond tributary. David E. Rattray

Updated, 12:17 p.m: East Hampton Village Police Chief Mike Tracey said police have located the owner of the Mini Cooper that was found abandoned on an embankment Friday and will be issuing a summons. 

Judith Haselton of Amagansett told police she was driving east on Pondview Lane at about 9 p.m. on Thursday when she failed to negotiate a turn, hit a curb, and went down the embankment, landing in the brush. She said she walked to a friend's house and got a ride home. The vehicle was not discovered until 10 on Friday morning. 

Because she did not report the accident, in which there was damage to her vehicle, she will be given a summons. 

Originally, 11:52 a.m: Police are looking for the driver of a Mini Cooper that was found abandoned down an embankment on Friday at the edge of a Hook Pond tributary in East Hampton Village.

Village Police Chief Mike Tracey said someone walking past spotted the Mini at about 10 a.m. wedged in some bushes alongside the Pondview Lane bridge, out of sight by passing motorists.

"There is no sign of the driver," Chief Tracey said.

The Mini had apparently been coming from the Main Street direction toward Egypt Lane when it went down the embankment, Chief Tracey said, on a curved portion of the narrow road. "On the second part of the S turn, the car just went straight down the embankment." It came to a stop just short of the water.

The Mini's front and side airbags deployed. There was no immediate evidence in the empty vehicle that anyone had been hurt.

A tow truck was called to remove the car.