Finding the Birdhouse in Your Soul

Roz Block put a birdhouse and a flock in a hat for her creation, sure to be a hit at the Easter parade. Morgan McGivern Photos

   Artists love a challenge, and taking mundane objects and re-imagining them for fun and a good cause is obviously irresistible, as evinced by the contributions of some 80 participants in the ninth annual Artist Birdhouse Auction. The event benefits the Coalition for Women's Cancers at Southampton Hospital and was held Saturday night in the Peter Marcelle Gallery in Bridgehampton.

  Some of the artists' renderings took a standard shape and decorated it in a specific style. Others went broader in their inspiration with Surrealist, abstract, and conceptual themes. By 7 p.m. most were already spoken for, many with multiple bids.

No one said you couldn't channel Andy Warhol, as in this Pop-inspired creation.
Stacy Quarty was loving the alien for her piece in the auction.
A bird can have many meanings, including this interpretation by Eric Ernst, no doubt taking the British slang for "woman" as his inspiration.
The artist Cruz and his his wife, Patti Cruz, came with his amphibious submarine creation.
Unusual materials, such as wine corks, gave a new meaning to repurposing and sustainability.
Daniel Pollera's "Night Birds" had a beach-y feel.