Guild Hall's Weekend of Chuck Close Celebrations

Lou Reed stopped for a moment to pose with the artist in front of his "head." Morgan McGivern, photos

   Guild Hall held its summer gala in honor of Chuck Close last weekend, filling Friday and Saturday with related events. On Friday, a preview of the exhibition was attended by gala attendees who then hopped a ride to Bridgehampton for cocktails and dinner at Louise and Leonard Riggio's estate on Ocean Road, where dancing and an auction were some of the attractions.
   Then on Saturday, a lunch at Mickey and Leila Straus's residence overlooking Hook Pond and the Maidstone Club was held before a well-attended discussion between Robert Storr and Chuck Close in the John Drew Theater that preceded the public opening of the show. 

Cindy Sherman, who lives in Springs, also attended the preview.
Casual beach fabulousness was the style of the moment at Friday's preview.
Chuck Close posed for a photo before the lunch with, from left, Mickey Straus, Christina Strassfield, and Michael Lynne.
The line to get into the talk spilled out and down Main Street.
Mickey Straus and Mort Zuckerman had time to clown around a bit for the camera on Saturday.
Robert Storr and Chuck Close stood outside Guild Hall before the talk.
Susan Mark and Pam Pantzer chose colorful tunics and hats to ward off the sun at Saturday's lunch.