Dance Performance at Ross

Yi-Chun Wu

Bodystories: Teresa Fellion Dance will perform on Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m., at the Ross School Theater at 18 Goodfriend Drive in East Hampton.

The performances will feature highlights of the company's year, which include favorites such as "Control Dominion," described as a struggle of free will and government in a cyborg society; "Fault Line" a quartet exploring human relationships, and "No One Gets Out of Here Alive" a comedy about junior high awkwardness. Additionally, the evening will include a full production of "World Two" of "The Mantises Are Flipping (P.S. I'll have whatever they're having)," which mirrors reactions and relationships to sound.

Corey Bliss, Meg Bronson, Julia Jurgilewicz, Monica Mordaunt, Audrey Rachelle Stanley, Koryn Ann Wicks, and Andrew Magazine will be dancing in the performances. Ryan Edwards, the composer, will perform the music. Ljupka Arsovska is the costume designer.

Teresa Fellion explained in a phone interview that her company was formed in 2004 and worked mainly on independent projects, but in 2011 became less outside-project based, gravitating toward regular rehearsals. She "wanted to grow with a group of people and give consistent work to dancers."

This dance season, Bodystories: Teresa Fellion Dance has been performing at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center and the Bryant Park SummerStage, and has been teaching classes for adults and children at the Ross School as the school's company in residence.

Of her experience at the Ross School, Ms. Fellion said, "It's been really great because the students are really engaged creatively. Our first rule in class is try everything. That's something I learned from the Martha Graham School. If someone falls when they're dancing you applaud for them because they were really going for it."

Ms. Fellion teaches children ages 6 to 14 in one class. "I was a little bit nervous before starting because of the wide age range," she said. She thought she would have to divide the class by age group, but she was wrong. "The younger ones have really come to meet the older ones where they are" and "if someone has taken a lot of dance previously I'll give them" a more challenging add-on to the movement. "Even when they partner up, the older ones will want to partner with the younger students."

Tickets for the performance of the adult company Bodystories: Teresa Fellion Dance can be purchased on the Ross school's website.

Yi-Chun Wu