'Endless Summer' Stars in Montauk

Robert August starred in the original film “The Endless Summer” 48 years ago. Bella Lewis

Robert August, the star surfer in "The Endless Summer," and Robert Weaver, the star of the movie's sequel, were in attendance at a screening of the original movie at the Surf Lodge in Montauk on Thursday.

Kevin Ackley, a friend of Jayma Cardoso, the owner of the Surf Lodge and a surfer herself, helped organize the movie night with the two surfers as special guests.

Mr. August, who had been surfing at Ditch Plain during his stay in Montauk, said that he had gotten a few good offshore waves.

Mr. Weaver said that it had been a dream for him to travel the world and meet international surf legends during the filming of "The Endless Summer II." When asked how he had been selected for the movie he laughed and explained that Bruce Brown, the director of both films, had wanted a longboarder for the sequel; of the longboarders, "I'm not going to say I was the best, but yeah, I was the best."