Free Magazines: 13 Fight for Attention

Bella Lewis

Perhaps you have stopped at the threshold of a shop somewhere on the South Fork (a k a the Hamptons) to scoop up a glossy magazine. Famous faces, or at least handsome ones, huge houses, and private parties pepper the ad-filled pages of the free magazines vying for your attention. The Star sorted through 13 of them for you in no particular order.

Networking Magazine makes good on its promise: "Open Networking Magazine and meet Long Island leaders on every page." Events and galas are to be found, as are the publisher's trips to France.

A bit of dining, film, theater, music, news, and lots of style are in the pages of Long Island Pulse. Pulse has  updates on and advice for what it considers the luxurious lifestyle. One section, The Hamptons‚ is "A cautionary reminder before venturing in: You are not alone. Thousands upon thousands of city-dwellers will join you on this trip." A bit of self-promotion?

Haute Living's latest issue features an interview with the "lifestyle queen," Martha Stewart, and newsmakers in clothing, jewelry, and home design. According the magazine's editors, "Philanthropy, jewelry, and mermaids collide‚" in Susan Rockefeller's sea inspired jewelry.

The most recent edition of Ocean Home gives us a peek into what it says are "the top 10 the most exclusive coastal estates on the market." In addition, "Prime finds" will provide a tantalizing look at how the other half lives - or rather how the 1 percent lives.

The Hampton Sheet knows its audience: part-timers. "After a seemingly endless winter, it's finally time for our exodus to the CashHamptons‚" the editor says. The pages are designed like a teenage girl's room, covered in collage-like celebrity photos. "I don't know about you, but I can't wait to leave the Big Apple, visit the shops and restaurants on Main Street‚ sip champagne while watching polo. . .did I mention the philanthropic charity galas, private parties, and movie premieres?" This is the editor speaking.

This season's Hamptons Cottages & Gardens seems divided in half between advertisements and home and garden advice. A couple of looks into lush domiciles are between the pages of suggested must-haves.

The Daily Summer reads like a Hamptons edition of a Perez Hilton column -- just as funny, but slightly classier. Included in its May issue was a quiz: "Are you a basic beach?" and "The first time I went to Montauk, I_______woke up in a dumpster behind Surf Lodge." The celebrity gossip in the front pages includes the usual suspects, but the editors highlight juicy bits. 

Beach Modern Luxury tries to be local, and has significantly fewer ads to wade through plus articles about Jackson Pollock's late mistress. But no local would need to read an article titled "While You Were Away," which explains, among other things, the deer debate.

Not to be confused with Modern Luxury's Beach magazine, June's issue of Avenue on the Beach has a smaller format. It has the usual scoop on summer, plus an interview with a "blue blooded" local who designs sun-protective clothing, a few glances at professionally decorated houses, galas, benefits, and must-have beauty items.

Gabby Karan DeFelice, Donna Karan's daughter, and her husband, Gianpaolo DeFelice, grace the cover of the most recent issue of Hamptons magazine. The couple is working on building a Hamptons "hospitality empire" and a "12-room deluxe spa hotel." The magazine defines South Fork golf courses, calling them either "classic" (Shinnecock Hills, Maidstone) or "newcomers" (Atlantic Golf Club).

Speaking of Hamptons magazine, Jason Binn, its former publisher, is publisher of Du Jour. It's almost a welcome change because it's not entirely devoted to the Hamptons. The summer 2014 issue has an article on the plastic surgery trend of butt enhancement, a short review of Sag Harbor's newest restaurant, Harlow East, and a guide to Manhattan's expensive hospitals. Sylvester Stallone is the cover model and Ansel Elgort is featured in a high-fashion photo.

Social Life is organized into sections -- Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Art, and "Exclusive" Gala Photos -- but has minimal advertising. "Men That Trend" is the title of one feature and Jimmy Choo Hedley black leather sandals must have taken Father's Day by storm.

Finally, we shouldn't ignore The Real Deal, which has a Hamptons edition. Tilted toward the folks who trundle forth from the city, "Whisper" listings, landlord incentives, and asking rents in downtown Manhattan are presented along with "the newest batch of Hamptons hot hangouts."

"They are buying these places that have been around for decades, taking them upscale and making them appeal to younger clientele from Manhattan," Robert Kohr, a broker, explains.