Fund-Raiser Tuesday for Dell Cullum

Dell Cullum, seen in December while cleaning trash from an osprey nest at the entrance to Three Mile Harbor. Durell Godfrey

The Stephen Talkhouse will host a fund-raiser Dell Cullum, a photographer and wildlife-removal specialist, who fell off a roof recently while rescuing an animal. The party on Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 9:30 will include food, live music, and raffles, with all proceeds going directly to Mr. Cullum. The suggested donation at the door is $20.

Mr. Cullum was on a ladder on the second story of a house in Amagansett. "It was raining. When he was coming down the ladder the bottom flew out, and he came down with the ladder onto the second-story deck," his wife, Dee Cullum, told The Star last month. He fell 10 or 12 feet, she said, and fractured the first lumbar vertebra, which bears the weight of the upper body.

Mr. Cullum, who is a Democratic candidate for East Hampton Town Trustee and also a contributing photographer to The Star, was transported by medevac helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital and underwent surgery. He was hospitalized for several days.

He will be unable to work for some time. A friend, Mushie Anderson, started a fund-raising campaign for him. Donations can be made at

In addition to his work as a photographer and wildlife removal specialist, Mr. Cullum has been an ardent anti-litter campaigner, organizing a number of beach and road cleanups including one, the Shoreline Sweep, that happened the day after his accident.

Katherine C.H.E., a musician who lives in Amagansett, can provide more information about the fund-raiser at 202-257-7275.