Here He Comes, Mr. Amagansett

Tyler Armstrong accepted the scallop-rake when he was crowned Mr. Amagansett. Melissa Winslow

Tyler Armstrong, an East Hampton Town Trustee and graduate of East Hampton High School, was crowned Mr. Amagansett at the Stephen Talkhouse on Saturday night.

The eighth annual Mr. Amagansett pageant, historically a competition that is light-hearted but heavy on marginal talent, raised approximately $3,500 for the Donald T. Sharkey Memorial Community Fund, according to Britton Bistrian, the fund's president. Honoring the former East Hampton Town chief building inspector who died in 2009, the fund benefits the community in myriad ways, including scholarships awarded to students who give of themselves to the community, financial assistance to families in need, and donations to fire departments. It also makes an annual donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, the veterans-care organization that has been the beneficiary of many fund-raising events held by Talkhouse employees and patrons.

Money raised this year included a substantial donation from Amagansett Wines and Spirits, Ms. Bistrian said.

Mr. Armstrong, a last-minute contestant, recited "a local poem about our town," he told The Star on Monday. He described it as "humorous, light-hearted poetry to showcase the interesting quirks about" East Hampton. "I heard from a lot of people afterward that they really enjoyed it because it was one of only things that was locally oriented."

The competition was strong, he said, comprising a diverse group of contestants. "There was some great music, and a lot of people were very funny."

Mr. Armstrong said he is looking forward to appearing in next month's Am O'Gansett Parade, which, as Mr. Amagansett, is not only his right but also his duty. Otherwise, he said. "I'm not sure what the perks are. I got a really nice bathrobe. I'm loving this big scallop-rake staff I have. But the main perk was the night itself — it was a great night. I'm glad we raised a lot of money for the Donald Sharkey Foundation. I think it was a big success."