Mosquito Spraying Tuesday Through Thursday

Suffolk County's Division of Vector Control will conduct aerial spraying for mosquito larvae sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, which may happen anytime between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Two areas in Southampton Town and one in East Hampton Town are on the list for spraying. In East Hampton, it will happen over Napeague Harbor. In Southampton Town, the county will spray over Jagger Lane and Apacuck Point.

The pesticides, which will be dropped via helicopter, are VectoPrime FG and Methoprene. The products are registered by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The county has not recommended any precautions, as the helicopter flies at a very low level over marsh areas and human exposure is unlikely. Suffolk County has also noted that the products have no significant human toxicity.

Up-to-date information on vector control activities is available from a county hotline at 631-852-4270.