Rare Bi-Colored Lobster Spared at Amagansett Fish Market

Half brown, half red, the lobster looks almost half boiled. Charlotte Sasso photos

"I have never in all my years of lobster mavening seen anything like that before," Charlotte Sasso of Stuart's Seafood Market said of the bi-color lobster that arrived at her Amagansett shop on Monday in a shipment from Nova Scotia.

The 1.6-pound specimen is half brown, half red with "a neatly divided line down the middle of it," she said. It looks almost half boiled, but it is very much alive, Ms. Sasso said Tuesday.

This male lobster will not end up on someone's dinner table. Ms. Sasso plans to contact the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead "to see if we might find him a more permanent home."