Special Needs Dog Needs a Home

Casey stands on her hind legs in a specially-made chair. ARF Hamptons

Casey, a 10-month old female husky mix at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons shelter, needs a good home. The puppy has a condition called megaesophagus, which makes it impossible to eat while standing on all fours without throwing up, but she got a new lease on life, while in ARF's care, from the Petrie family of Southampton. 

Bill Petrie, a carpenter, working with his daughter Anna, made the pup a customized chair that allows her to eat safely while sitting in an upright position, or standing on her hind legs. Casey's condition, untreated, could have caused her to develop aspiration pneumonia from frequent vomiting.

Today, aside from her unusual need to be seated while eating, she is happy-go-lucky and requires no medication. Casey has acclimated herself to the chair, which is known as a Bailey chair. She knows when it is mealtime and excitedly puts herself in it. After a meal, she stays put for a further 20 minutes while she digests. Although she is not allowed free access to water, she need not be in the chair to drink; she needs only to be held up on her hind legs.

The staff at ARF describes Casey as loving, with an especially sweet temperament, and says she is one of their favorites. She loves to run and is neither disobedient nor does she have problems with anything besides food on four legs. She even gets along with cats. Casey knows basic commands, is eager to please, and is looking for someone or a family who will give her the attention she needs in order to thrive.

Anna Petrie, whose father, Bill, helped make a special chair for Casey, shows off how well-behaved Casey is in her new chair.
ARF Hamptons
Casey is available for adoption. ARF Hamptons