Vector Control Spraying Tuesday

Napeague, June Dell Cullum Photo

The Suffolk County Department of Public Works' Division of Vector Control is spraying salt marshes in East Hampton and Southampton Town with an aerial larvicide Tuesday until 8 p.m. The helicopter spraying, an effort to control mosquito larvae, began Tuesday morning at 5 a.m.

On the list to be treated in East Hampton Town are marshes on Napeague, and around Beach Hampton, and Accabonac Harbor. In Southampton Town, the county is to spray by Meadow Lane, North Sea, and Jagger Lane, among other locations.

The Suffolk County Department of Health has not advised any precautions by residents because it says the helicopters will be using a large-droplet liquid application from a low altitude, among other precautionary measures to ensure that the spray does not drift into residential areas. According to the Health Department, it is unlikely that humans will be exposed to the spray, which does not have a composition that has significant toxicity to humans.

More information about this operation and future ones can be obtained from the division of vector control at 852-4270 or the spraying information hotline at 852-4939.