Whole Roast Lamb Centerpiece of c/o the Maidstone Dinner

A whole roast lamb provided the basis for a feast at c/o the Maidstone complete with wines matched by Wolffer Estate Vineyards. Morgan McGivern, photos

     The Living Room Restaurant at c/o the Maidstone was the setting for a dramatic whole roasted lamb dinner with wines chosen by Wolffer Estate. The lamb was cooked in a traditional French preparation by Mathias Brogie. Roman Roth, the winemaker behind Wolffer's vintages, offered descriptions of the vineyard's rose, Grapes of Roth dry riesling, Cassango cabernet, and the Dioso late harvest chardonnay.

    There was live music, happy couples, and children milling about marveling at the roasting process, no doubt curious about seeing a reasonable version of what they were about to eat in its previous form. Yet, no one seemed put off by it and the meal was enjoyed with relish.

Mathius Brogie, the evening's chef, stood with Dushy Roth at the dinner.
Roman Roth, the winemaker of Wolffer Estates described each course and the wine pairings.
David VonOesen and Susannah Maher enjoyed the ambiance and the spring weather.
Monica Navia of Southampton and Kelly Austin Carr Of the Daily Front Row Magazine helped themselves at the buffet.