Widespread Erosion Expected in East Hampton in Winter Storm

A powerful winter storm will hammer East Hampton and eastern Long Island ocean and bay beaches on Monday. Downed trees and power outages are also likely. National Weather Service

An intense winter storm with hurricane-force wind gusts will deal a blow to eastern Long Island on Monday. The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning and a coastal flooding alert for the South Shore and East End bays.

The greatest erosion is predicted during high tide on Monday night, 6 p.m. at the Montauk Harbor inlet and about 7 p.m. at Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton. Water could reach 3 to 4 feet above normal high tide levels.

Waves are expected to reach 16 to 22 feet in the ocean and 4 to 7 feet in Gardiner's Bay.

Along the ocean, dune loss is predicted to be widespread, the weather service said, with localized washovers at Atlantic Ocean beaches, as the low pressure system now off the Delaware coast moves into the area.

Also expected Monday night are downed trees and powerlines, with blackouts in some areas. Driving will be difficult because of the gusting wind and potential for debris in the roadways.

Winds from the northeast will be increasing mid-day Sunday, according to the official forecast. Heavy rain will soak the region on Monday, with temperatures around 40. Winds could gust to 75 miles per hour on Monday night. Rain will continue into Tuesday morning, as the storm rapidly moves north along the coast toward Maine. Total rainfall will be between one and two inches.

Wednesday is expected to be mostly sunny with highs in the upper 40s.