Phyllis S.B. Wilkinson

    Phyllis Stockton Beardsley Wilkinson, who lived for many years in East Hampton, died in her sleep on Oct. 13 in Carmel, Calif. She was 90.
    Mrs. Wilkinson’s parents, Mary and Teneyck Remsen Beardsley, had a house on Pantigo Road, where she and her siblings spent their childhood summers. Once she had her own family, she brought them to visit her parents as well. In 1975, when she and her husband retired, they bought the 1800 Daniel Osborn house on Main Street in East Hampton Village, next door to the Osborn-Jackson building that is home to the East Hampton Historical Society.
    For 25 years before that she and her husband, Frederick Lawrence Wilkinson, led their children on a merry chase, living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Melbourne, Australia, and Hong Kong while he worked for American International Underwriters.
    Phyllis Wilkinson was born on Jan. 7, 1921, in Scotch Plains, N.J., one of three children. Her brother, Conrad Beardsley, died in 2009. Her sister, Virginia Claybrook of Carmel, survives.
    Mrs. Wilkinson graduated from St. Mary’s Hall, a boarding school in Burlington, N.J. In 1948 she was married in Havana and set off for a life of travel. In Australia she was active with the American Women’s Auxiliary and the Royal Children’s Hospital, and was the American representative on the Women’s Council for the National Gallery.
    According to her son, David Wilkinson, living abroad made traveling to 70 other countries far easier for his mother. She was interested in and knowledgeable about antiques, and opened two antiques shops, one in Melbourne, the other in London.
    The Wilkinsons retired in 1975 after a year in Hong Kong, and returned to East Hampton, where Mr. Wilkinson founded the East Hampton Village Preservation Society. His son said it was “his big pet in retirement. He was so proud of it.”
    In 1993 the Wilkinsons moved to Del Mesa Carmel, on the Monterey Peninsula, to be closer to their son, who lives in Menlo Park.
    Mrs. Wilkinson’s parents are buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery in East Hampton. Her ashes will also be buried there, next to those of her husband and daughter, Michelle Wilkinson, who died in 1983.
    In addition to her son and her sister, Mrs. Wilkinson is survived by two nieces, a nephew, and two great-nieces. Several informal gatherings in her memory for family and friends have taken place, and more are planned, though not in East Hampton.