Benoit Bellenoue

    Word has been received here of the death on June 15 in Utila, Honduras, of Benoit Bellenoue of Utila, a frequent visitor to East Hampton with his family. He was 46.
    Mr. Bellenoue’s wife, Danielle, is the daughter of Nancy and Richard Horwich of Hollow Tree Lane in Northwest.
    The founder of the Utila Dive Center, which last year certified over 2,000 scuba divers, Mr. Bellenoue discovered Utila in his early 20s. At the time, the island, off the Honduran coast, was almost entirely undeveloped. Due in large part to his efforts, it has since become a mecca for divers all over the world.
    The couple met several years ago when Mrs. Bellenoue sought certification as a diving instructor. They were married on May 9, 2007, on a beach in Utila.
    They had set their wedding day three months earlier than that. When the date arrived the Honduran authorities refused to let the ceremony proceed because the bridegroom’s birth certificate could not be found. When it finally arrived from France it had to be translated into Spanish by a functionary on the mainland, which took another few weeks. The Horwiches, who had come to Utila for the wedding, had to miss it.
    Mr. Bellenoue was born on March 17, 1967, in Orleans, France, to Bernard and Michelle Bellenoue, and grew up in Montpelier, attending primary and secondary schools there. In addition to his wife and his mother, he leaves two children, Maxim, 5, and Pai, 2. Mrs. Bellenoue was to have arrived here with the children today.