On the Police Logs

East Hampton

Gustave N. Papas of Oakview Highway reported that a woman angry with him for giving out her phone number had called him twice and threatened him, saying she would send her brother to beat him up. Police reached her, and she said she would not call Mr. Papas again.

Three wreaths went missing from Shawn Young’s house on Abraham’s Path, he told police last Wednesday. Mr. Young said the wreaths were tied to an outdoor gate, his front door, and the back door of his house.

An Apple iPod was stolen from an East Hampton High School student’s backpack while it was left unattended in the girls locker room at the school on Dec. 7.

An aluminum boat with no motor was taken from Peter Virgilio’s Island Avenue house last Friday. He told police hunters may have moved the Starcraft, which he said is worth $1,600.

East Hampton Village

Chip Dayton, who drives a local taxi, told police on Friday that homeless people had been sleeping in the building at the train station, leaving no room for ticketholders to sit. Mr. Dayton was said to have also contacted representatives of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who told him they would not respond unless there was a crime in progress.

Caitlin Molter told police a radar detector worth $100 was taken from her car while it was parked in the Reutershan lot last Thursday. She told police she had locked the car, however.

Police responded to a call from a female Dayton Lane resident on Saturday, who told them that someone was outside her bedroom window whistling. Police, who did not release her name, said they did not find anyone when they arrived.


A Binghamton couple partying at Liars’ Saloon went home missing $60 in cash and some prescription medication after they drove another patron back to the Albatross Motel, where they were staying on Friday. Police said Roger J. Mignone and Lucy Weitzman told them they did not know the man’s last name or address and did not realize what was missing until they awoke, when they learned the man was gone.

Sag Harbor

On Dec. 9, an employee of Bike Hampton on Main Street told police that someone had taken a lime-green bicycle from the shop.

Three other bicycles disappeared from Amy Mensch’s Milton Avenue house on Saturday.