On the Police Logs 10.06.11

Julia Talasko left her gray-and-orange Simple bicycle outside Mary’s Marvelous last Friday. After a few minutes she returned to find it gone.

East Hampton
Christopher Toole’s son left his HTC Incredible II Smartphone in his unlocked locker at the high school on Sept. 21. When he came back, his belongings were on the floor outside the locker, and the phone, valued at $450, was missing.
L. Snyder of Miller Lane Terrace told police someone had used her Social Security number to obtain multiple credit cards, bank accounts, and a car loan for $14,000 from Toyota between January of this year and Sept. 21. Ms. Snyder was made aware of the identity theft when she applied for a credit card and was denied due to bankruptcy. She said she has never been bankrupt. Police believe they have a suspect, who lives in Canestoga, N.Y.
A Garmin GPS worth $200, credit and debit cards, and $1,500 cash were lifted on Sept. 27 from an unlocked vehicle parked on Boatsteerer’s Court. David Kroll of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., is the car’s owner.
Alvaro Sarmiento told police he was riding his yellow, black, and white Atias cruiser bicycle, value $50, on Queens Lane Sept. 27 when a small black Nissan pickup stopped in front of him. A man hopped out of the passenger seat and aimed a punch at Mr. Sarmiento, who ducked and fell off the bike. The driver jumped out of the truck, grabbed the bike, and hit Mr. Sarmiento several times with it. One of the pair then tossed the bike in the bed of the truck, and they took off.
Jeimy Hernandez heard a noise outside his house on Oakview Highway Friday night, and noticed two men trying to break in to a metal shed. By the time police arrived, the men had run off, leaving their bicycles behind. James Brown, the owner of the shed, said nothing was missing from it.
A silver-and-gray tote bag, an I.B.M. ThinkPad, and a gift card to Citarella, belonging to Jessica Rash of Manhattan, were taken from a locked residence on Skimhampton Road on Oct. 1. The items were valued in all at $2,890.
A Belle Epoque stained glass lampshade worth $7,500, a center section for an outdoor table, $1,000 worth of flatware, and garden tools valued at $200 were stolen from Catherine Cook’s house on Tyrone Drive between Aug. 27 and Sept. 11. Ms. Cook had stored the items in her basement while renting her house, and found them missing on Sept. 12.
A Tiffany vase, a basket liner, and a lamp, with a combined value of $1,150, were found to be missing from Gary Stanis’s house on Old Northwest Road on Sept. 11. Mr. Stanis had a renter from July 18 through Sept. 7.
 Gilbert Weber of Northwest Landing Road told police on Sept. 10 that someone had removed $1,111 cash from a Folger’s coffee can that was in a locked safe in his basement.

East Hampton Village
A caller reported a suspicious man sitting in a black Chevy pickup in the parking lot of the John M. Marshall Elementary School on Sept. 28. Police determined that the man was waiting for his wife, who is an employee at the school.
A man wearing a red hoodie was taking pictures of women inside White’s Pharmacy last Thursday, according to Vinny Alabrandy. Police were unable to find him.
Jeff Verity reported obscene graffiti on a utility shed and a playground slide at Herrick Park on Friday.
A taxi driver told police she asked two men walking on the pavement at the train station where they were going on Saturday. One of them said, “You cannot ask us that.” The driver replied, “It is a free country, and I can ask what I want.” She told police the man then moved toward her in “an aggressive manner,” at which point she left. The two have had prior incidents.

Mark Wesnofske was involved in a physical altercation on Main Street last Thursday. A man he did not know pushed him to the ground, and then another unknown man kicked him in the face. Mr. Wesnofske had a small lump on his forehead but refused medical treatment. Police were later able to determine the identity of the man who kicked Mr. Wesnofske, who declined to pursue charges.
The glass rear kitchen door at the Gig Shack, worth $200, was broken last Thursday, according to Tracey Gardell. Nothing was missing from the restaurant.
Elizabeth Thomson of Old Montauk Highway and Natick, Mass., left an antique gold bracelet and a silver chain-link bracelet, total value $1,200, on a clothing hook in Gurney’s Spa on Sept. 20. When she returned to the women’s locker room, she told police, the jewelry was nowhere to be found.   
Linda Levine-Madori of Beverly Road and Chappaqua, N.Y., said on Sept. 2 that someone had taken about $8,500 worth of jewelry, including a baroque strand of pearls and a Victorian gold chain, from her garage, where she had hidden it during August while workmen were in her house.
Jaclyn Tarpey of Manhattan was at the Point Bar and Grill on Sunday when a fight broke out among a group of men. One of them grabbed her $150 cellphone from her hand and threw it to the ground. It broke, and the man then hit Ms. Tarpey on the shoulder, knocking her to the floor. She did not seek medical attention, but wanted the incident on record.

Sag Harbor
A stop sign was taken from the corner of Glover Street and Long Island Avenue on Friday.
A caller reported someone hitting golf balls into Otter Pond on Sunday. When police arrived the golfer was gone.