On the Police Logs 10.13.11

East Hampton
A nylon Volcom wallet containing $30 in cash was taken from Henry Cruceta’s unlocked gym locker at East Hampton High School on Sept. 28.
A gray Vespa scooter with the key in the ignition, and a black helmet, together valued at $8,000 were stolen from Luciano Fresa’s open garage on Guernsey Lane Sunday.

East Hampton Village
A worker was draining a pool on Georgica Road near Baiting Hollow Road on Oct. 4 onto public land. Police advised the worker to turn off the water, and issued a warning.
A caller reported an eastbound truck with an evergreen tree in the bed that was hitting telephone wires on Montauk Highway near Daniel’s Hole Road last Thursday. Police were unable to locate the truck.
An injured swan on Apaquogue Road and LaForest Lane was reported by George Gasperati last Thursday. Someone with the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons responded and said the swan did not need medical attention. Police wrapped it in a blanket and transported it to the pond on Lily Pond Lane.
Police confiscated a political sign from the corner of Pantigo Road and Methodist Lane on Friday.  
James Cuomo reported that a fawn had been hit by a car at the Circle on Friday. Police found the deer unable to walk, lying by the side of the road. Wildlife Rescue was contacted, but to no avail. Police dispatched the animal with one round.
Youths were skateboarding at the John M. Marshall Elementary School on Saturday, according to Erica Crater. An officer spoke with them, and they dispersed from school grounds.
Ian Grossman called to report a man being loud and rowdy in the parking lot of East Hampton Bowl on Sunday. Before police could arrive, the man fled west on Montauk Highway in a dark-color sedan.
On Sunday, police removed a sign on public land promoting Richard Swift, a sales agent with Town and Country Real Estate, from Woods Lane and Georgica Road. A warning was issued for a violation of the town code.
Two political signs were removed from public property on Main Street near Woods Lane the same day.

Andrew Barnaby of Glen Oaks was sleeping in his truck at the Diamond Cove Marina on Friday night when a thief extracted fishing poles from his locked roof rack, to the tune of $2,120. Kevin Burgos of Corona was asleep in his vehicle next to Mr. Barnaby’s truck, and neither of them heard or saw anything.  
Robert White, the owner of the Briney Breezes Motel, reported on Oct. 4 that a woman let her dog loose on the property and did not clean up after it. According to Mr. White, the woman’s husband called him and said, “I am going to come to the motel and kick your ass.” When police confronted the man, he told them he did not threaten Mr. White and claimed that Mr. White yelled at his wife while she was walking the dog. Police spoke with both parties.
An Apple iPhone was removed from Sarah McGuire’s purse at Solé East last Thursday. She reported its value as $800.

Sag Harbor
An alarm was activated in the harpoon room at the Whalers Museum on Oct. 4. Police determined that the exterior of the building was fine. Dispatch was informed that the museum caretaker no longer holds the position.
Robert Chabot informed police on Friday of fraudulent purchases made on his Suffolk County National Bank debit card. There were three charges,  $177.98 on Sept. 28, $199.97 on Sept. 29, and $307.93 on Sept. 30.
An anonymous caller reported youths making noise on Friday near 11 Bridge Street.
A man who was described as “aggressive and disruptive” by Vincent Brandi was asked to leave the Sean clothing store on Main Street on Saturday, and did so.

Four boxes of 15 dozen eggs, valued at $80, were knocked over in the outside refrigerator at Barnes Country Market on Oct. 4. An alarm alerted police to the intrusion. They checked the premises with the two owners and discovered an unlocked rear kitchen door. There were footprints on the floor by the broken eggs.