Also on the Logs 11.10.11

East Hampton

An iPod Touch, its protective case, and a sum of cash, together worth $245, were taken from a student’s unlocked gym locker at East Hampton High School on Nov. 2.

Margaret Hood of Patchogue told police on Nov. 2 that someone had been in her house on Milina Drive while she was away. Bedsheets in an upstairs room had been moved around, and there were cigarette butts in the garbage can. Also, the heat was on, and there was a damp towel on the bathroom floor. The house had last been checked on Oct. 27, when all was in order.

A hood cover for a 1965 Cub Cadet tractor, $200 value, was removed from East Hampton High School on Oct. 27. A student was working on the tractor at the school.

An East Hampton Town dump sticker, $75 value, was taken from Karen Burger’s car on Springwood Way during the past week.

East Hampton Village

A large black dog was running loose on Amy’s Court on Oct. 31, and chased a homeowner’s daughter when she pulled out of the driveway. The complainant asked police to see that the dog’s owner “keep his dogs in a fenced area and under control.” When police arrived, both dogs were in a fenced area. Their owner was informed that the incident had been referred to East Hampton Town Animal Control. He said he was away from the house for 10 minutes, and one of the dogs might have got loose then. Last Thursday, the complainant reported the dog owner in violation of an order from animal control that “dog/s must be either fenced or on a leash at all times.” As police did not see the indiscretion, and there was no photographic evidence, the dogs were not seized. The complainant was encouraged to call police again if the dog is observed loose.

Una Brallo found a bag of tobacco leaves on Sherrill Road Oct. 31. Police were unable to locate the owner.

Jeff Verity reported graffiti in green-and-white spray paint on the cement wall near the tennis courts on Newtown Lane Nov. 1. “Trains $ In The Hamptons Occupy That,” it said. A detective was notified, along with the Department of Public Works.

A female employee at the Wallace Gallery said on Nov. 1 that while she was working on Halloween decorations, a stranger wearing a mask stood in the doorway and stared at her. The man was “sticking his tongue out  . . . in a perverted manner, with very scary eyes,” she said. She told police she “felt very disturbed by the situation.”

An anonymous caller informed police that railroad workers yelled at him last Thursday on Newtown Lane near Railroad Avenue. One flagman told him to go, and then another told him to stop, he said. Police spoke with the boss at the job site, who said he knew nothing of the incident.

Police on foot patrol found a small carton on fire at Park Place on Saturday. They were able to extinguish the flames.

A man reported a fire in a garbage can in Herrick Park on Saturday. The East Hampton Fire Department put out the flames, and the Village Highway Department will replace the damaged garbage can.  

Ten bottles of Champagne, along with silverware, linens, and some cleaning supplies, altogether worth about $270, were stolen on Oct. 23 from the Maidstone Club premises, according to Nick Conlin, the clubhouse manager, who blamed two employees. The pair denied taking the items, but refused to allow Mr. Conlin to search their vehicles. He then called police. After they arrived he looked in the vehicles and found all the missing items. He did not press charges, but told the two men to remove their belongings from the property and not to return.


According to Julia Akkala, the caretaker of a house on Soundview Drive, reported its plastic mailbox destroyed after checking the house on Oct. 31. A replacement will cost $100.

Sag Harbor

Ana Mackey found garbage bags in her Dumpster on Robeson Boulevard on Sunday. Police searched the bags and traced the culprit back to a resident on Reginald Whitmire Street.

William Gillan found the wires of his 1995 Pontiac Bonneville pulled out from the steering column on Sunday, vandalism that will cost him $500. The car was parked in his driveway on Harrison Street.


Dee Cullum told police that someone entered a building on Outlook Avenue sometime between Sept. 15 and Nov. 2 and turned up the heat as high as possible. All the lights were found on as well. Ms. Cullum said the intruder might be a former employee.