On the Police Logs

Sabrina Bistrian of Scrimshaw Lane told police on March 23 that several e-mails had been sent from an account that did not belong to her but that had her name on it. She said she did not send them. Police said the e-mails were probably the result of a virus and turned the case over to East Hampton Village police because the e-mails had been sent to the East Hampton Middle School.
Someone spray-painted an obscenity on the roadway of Mako Lane overnight on April 5. Police said the paint was white and spanned the width of the road.

East Hampton
On March 31, an East Hampton High School student reported that the day before, someone had taken his black leather wallet, an iPhone, and $20 in cash from his unlocked gym locker.
Someone shot a BB gun through a window at Alvarado Mechanical on Three Mile Harbor Road on April 6, Alexander Alvarado told police.
An unwanted guest at Ronald Edwards’s apartment refused to leave, Mr. Edwards told police on April. 6. The guest was not identified, but police said they asked the person to leave the Whalebone Apartment unit on Boatheaders Lane last week.
Someone broke into Seth Redlus’s house on Barnes Avenue between last Thursday and Sunday, he told police after he noticed a broken basement window.

East Hampton Village
Police issued a warning to a film crew working outside East Hampton Bowl on Montauk Highway last Friday. Laura Newman, who was filming, said she had permission from the owners of the building to shoot, but did not have a permit from Village Hall. Production was halted by police until Ms. Newman receives a permit.
Stephen Lynch said someone took a diesel fuel pump from the back of his work truck on April 5. He said the pump, which was attached to a holding tank while the truck was parked on King Street, was worth $500.
Brent Richards told police that $120 in cash was taken from a bag inside his car while it was parked in his Church Street driveway on Saturday.
Someone took John Sheehan’s East Hampton Town recycling permit sticker while his car was parked in long-term parking on Railroad Avenue, he told police last Thursday.
A Kawasaki utility vehicle was taken from Robert Taubman’s Two Mile Hollow Road house, a caretaker told police last Friday. Jorge Rosas, who watches the house, said the keys were not in the vehicle and that it was probably pushed onto a trailer.

Patricia McCann of Agnew Avenue told police on March 31 that she received a suspicious call from a telemarketer asking her for her credit card account numbers. When she questioned the man, he hung up the phone.

Sag Harbor
On April 6, David Reiner called police to report that a man who worked for him at his business on Division Street took a scooter, phone system, and printer from the building, promising to sell them on eBay. Mr. Reiner said he never did sell them and has not returned calls since then. The items were estimated to be worth over $3,000.
Molly Ginna told police on April 5 that someone cut down two trees on her Division Street property.
A deck box went missing from Anchor Marine on Redwood Road on April 6, Gerald Schwenk told police.

The rear windshield of a 1986 BMW sedan was taken on the night of April 3. According to Kenneth Davis of Gerard Drive, the car’s trunk door was stolen in February. He said it would cost $450 to replace missing glass.
All four tires on Luis Morales’s 1996 Chevrolet pickup truck were punctured on March 28, he told police. Police said the damage appeared to have been done with a knife.

An employee at the Phoenix House treatment center called police on April 5 after “an adult male who was intoxicated” called the facility. The employee could not ascertain from the man whom he wished to speak to.
On Friday night while Macklin F. Buekler was at a party on West Gate Road, someone smashed the windshield of his 1990 Chrysler LeBaron. Police said they found a large rock next to the car and dents and scratches in the hood.